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Oct 2015 – IXYS UK Westcode introduces new range of isolated base modules

Published on: 12/10/2015

Introducing IXYS UK Westcode’s new range of isolated base modules

IXYS UK Westcode

IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. introduces a new range of smaller footprint pressure contact construction isolated base modules. This new product group includes 30 new products comprising dual thyristor and diodes, plus diode/thyristor combinations; with voltage ratings from 1400V to 3600V and current ratings from 160A to 510A.

New Range of Isolated Base Modules

The new module introductions are based on the industry standard 50mm x 90mm base plate outline and the internal construction is pressure contact with a copper base plate. Modules are available in dual thyristor, dual diode and thyristor diode combinations. Dual thyristors & Diode/thyristor (two configurations) modules are available in six voltage classes from 1400V to 3600V, with current ratings from 160A to 325A, as determined by the voltage class. Dual diode modules are available in 3 configurations and six voltage classes from 1400V to 3600V with current ratings from 275A to 510A as determined by the voltage class. The new modules offer the highest reliability and thermal stability and are targeted for applications which require these qualities. They are intended to augment, rather than replace the extensive range of products already available from IXYS in this outline which use solder substrate construction.

Parts are identified MD#xxx‐xxN3 for dual diodes and M##xxx‐xxio3 for the thyristor and thyristor/diode combinations; for the full range of available modules please visit IXYS UK Westcode’s website or contact the factory.

Typical applications include those with arduous environment for the semiconductor, such as those with difficult thermal and current cycling conditions like welding or general industrial and drive requirements in harsh environments such as mining, marine and traction.

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