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November 2010 – IXOLAR New IXYS High Efficiency SolarBIT

Published on: 24/11/2010

IXOLAR New IXYS High Efficiency SolarBIT

SolarBITs are IXYS’ product line of SolarBITs made of monocrystalline, high efficiency solar cells. The IXOLAR SolarBITs is an ideal for charging various battery powered and handheld consumer products such as mobile phones, cameras, PDAs, MP3-Players and toys. They are also suitable for industrial applications such as wireless sensors, portable instrumentation and for charging emergency backup batteries.

New IXOLAR Range

With a cell efficiency of typically 22% measured at a wafer level, SolarBITs give the ability to extend run time even in “low light” conditions and increase battery life and run time in a small footprint, which can be easily accommodated in the design of Portable Products. The design allows connecting SolarBITs flexibly in series and/or parallel to perfectly meet the application’s power requirements.

IXOLAR products have a very good response over a wide wavelength range and therefore can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Discover our complete solar product range here.

For a full data sheet for the KXOB22-12×1, please contact the office.


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