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June 2017 – GD Rectifiers’ Range of Thyristors

Published on: 12/06/2017

Introducing GD Rectifiers extensive range of thyristors

GD Rectifiers Thyristors

GD Rectifiers distributes a wide variety of reliable high power semiconductors using conventional and future technologies. They design and manufacture selenium and silicon rectifier diodes, suppressors, converters, inverters, and regulator products for Industrial power control applications.

We are the UK’s leading distributor for semiconductor components; state of the art Diodes, Thyristors, IGBT Modules and MOSFETs from the world’s greatest manufacturers including: IXYS, IXYS UK Westcode, Semikron and EDI. They stock a wide range of Thyristors from the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.


GD Rectifiers Thyristors

GD Rectifiers manufactures range of low loss, high efficiency phase controlled thyristors. Applications include wind turbines, soft start, traction and heating. Our range is from 750Amps to 4000Amps and a table of the devices can be seen below.

Part Number        Vdrm, Vrrm     Itav, TC = 55°C  
GDT751/18 1800 795
GDT751/22 2200 530
GDT1100/26 2600 910
GDT1100/36 3600 646
GDT1250/18 1800 1240
GDT1800/16 1600 1802
GDT1800/20 2000 1718
GDT1800/26 2600 1467
GDT1800/36 3600 1314
GDT2500/16 1600 2500
GDT2500/22 2200 2293
GDT2500/36 3600 1661
GDT3500/22 2200 3533
GDT3500/36 3600 2418
GDT4000/12 1200 4085


Obsolete Thyristor Replacements

GD Rectifiers can manufacture a large range of flat base conversion kits used to replace obsolete flat based thyristors.

For further information on Obsolete Semiconductor replacements please click here.


IXYS Thyristors

IXYS offer a wide range of Thyristor modules and Discrete Phase Control Thyristors ranging from 16A to 700A with a voltage range of 100V to 2200V.

View IXYS Thyristors

IXYS UK Westcode Thyristors

IXYS UK Westcode provide a comprehensive range of standard phase control thyristors, devices range from 600V to 4500V making them suitable for applications with line voltages from 230V to over 1000V.

View IXYS UK Distributed Gate Thyristors

View IXYS UK Fast Turn-off Thyristors

View IXYS UK Medium Voltage Thyristors


SEMIKRON Thyristors

SEMIKRON manufacture an extensive range of discrete thyristors available as stud screw or capsule types. They feature current ratings up to 1200a with blocking and reverse voltages up to 1800V.

View SEMIKRON Thyristors



For further information on Thyristors please call: 01444 243 452 or email:


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