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June 2017 – Custom Circuit Protection Solutions

Published on: 16/06/2017

GD Rectifiers offers design custom circuit protection solutions for every application

Custom circuit protection solutions. GD Rectifiers circuit protection solutions.

Custom Circuit Protection Solutions

GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of power electronic components.  GD Rectifiers manufacture a wide range of customised Selenium Transient SuppressorsPower Assemblies and Heatsinks.

GD Rectifiers are experts in circuit protection and stock a wide range of devices including: Fuses and Microswitches, Fuse Mountings, EMI/RFI/EMC Filters, Varistors and Thermal Trips, Dv/Dt, Selenium Rectifiers and Breakover Diodes from leading manufacturers such as Bussmann, Mersen and IXYS UK Westcode.

GD Rectifiers offer customised solutions for a large number of circuit protection devices from design to completion. They specialise in designing solutions for some of the most regimented industries: medical, automotive, rail and aviation.


Benefits of using GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers can design customised solutions to suit most applications. They can help you in a number of ways:


1. Save Money

Understanding circuit protection and your application allows GD Rectifiers to create a cost-effective concept to simple installation and reduce the amount of components required.


2. Reduce Time to Market

GD Rectifiers can help reduce time to market by working closely with customers on custom projects. GD Rectifiers can help speed up the project by supplying samples or prototypes to keep the project on track.


3. Save Space

GD Rectifiers knows that customers are constantly challenged to reduce the size of devices, they can achieve a smaller circuit protection footprint without sacrificing the fundamental characteristics needed to complete specific projects.


4. Hold Stock

GD Rectifiers understands that customers lack storage space which why they provide stock holding and call-off orders for high quantity purchases.


5. Account Management

GD Rectifiers offer a personalised account management system for repeat customers. Simply tell them your specification and forecast for the product and they’ll notify you of any cost savings that can be made on the job, including delivery and remind you when your call-off order is running low.


6. Save Time

GD Rectifiers’ team of engineers can offer technical advice to customers that will save time on research, installation and down-time for the end customers.


7. Adhere to Industry Standards

GD Rectifiers has been distributing power electronic components for over 50 years. Their team of design and manufacturing engineers are familiar with current agency testing requirements and have extensive experience in developing circuit protection products.


8. Improve Functionality

By understanding customer’s requirements up front allows GD Rectifiers’ engineers to recommend alternatives that are likely to add value to customers designs.


GD Rectifiers are the one stop shop for circuit protection solutions, they offer full service support from design to completion and can offer customers the most competitive quotes.

For more information on GD Rectifiers’ Circuit Protection Solutions please click here or call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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