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June 2014 – IXYS Introduce a New High Performance DT-Triac™ Technology Platform

Published on: 13/06/2014

IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: IXYS), a leader in power semiconductors and integrated circuits technologies for energy efficient products used in power conversion and motor control applications, announces today the extension of its Triac-family for AC-Control applications.

IXYS Introduce a New High Performance DT-Triac™ Technology Platform

IXYS New High Performance DT-Triac™ Technology Platform

This new IXYS Triac design is the combination of two IXYS Thyristors technologies. Instead of using two back to back thyristors with two separated gates IXYS uses its proprietary Anode Gated Thyristor (“AGT”) technology to integrate an AC-Controllers with two complementing thyristors. The two gates of said AGT and its complementary thyristor are connected together as one lead.

This integrated Triac design offers superior performance to prior art standard Triacs, thus expanding the applications of this IXYS Triac in more power control designs. Most obvious impact is the change of the AC-Controller application from a four-terminal-device to one with three terminal, namely with one gate terminal, thus reducing the components count for the gate drivers. Less components, mean lower cost, smaller size and more reliable.

In terms of reliability this complementary two-die-solution is much more rugged then the standard Triac versions, with higher dv/dt and di/dt ratings, which can reduce the need for external snubber or protection components. Furthermore, higher voltage class of Triacs can be produced with higher current ratings. While single-die Triacs are typically limited to a voltages of 600-1000 volts and the current capability hardly exceeds 25 amps. This new class of IXYS Triacs, allow voltage classes up to 2200 volts and several hundred amps.

Higher voltage and higher current ratings, allow the designers to add AC power control, with one universal designs for the worldwide line voltage applications.

The IXYS new Triac family offers several new products that give to the designers more options, more flexibility, higher performance, with less components and lower cost.

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