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Medical and Military Filters

Enerdoor's Medical Filter series is designed to achieve a high level of shielding on protected environments. All models are characterised by high levels of attenuation above 100 dB. For each application, there are models suitable for filtering supply lines from 50 and 60 Hz from single phase to three phase, with currents up to hundreds of amps.  Additionally, filters for signal lines such as remote controls, lines connecting sound, video, telephony and digital signals are available.

Filters for Military Applications - 10KHz - 10GHz

Filters for Medical Applications - 5MHz - 5GHz

Filters for Applications Scientific and Industrial Laboratories, for example measuring 100KHz - 10GHz

Part No.              Type        Rated Currents          Nominal Voltage        Characteristics    
ENC201 Fire Alarm Filter   Fire Alarm Filter   1A 120 Vac 100dB at 14KHz, 100dB at 1GHz
ENR205 RF Power Line Filter  RF Power Line Filter  5A 277 Vac 100dB at 10MHz, 100dB at 1GHz  
ENR230 RF Power Line Filter RF Power Line Filter 30A 277 Vac 100dB at 10MHz, 100dB at 1GHz
ENT205 Telephone Filter Telephone Filter for Medical Shielded Enclosures     2A 120 Vac

100dB at 10MHz, 100dB at 1GHz


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Enerdoor is part of The Enerdoor Group which consists of Enerdoor in North America and Europe; Finmotor and Finlab in Italy; and Eichhoff Elektro in Hungary.

The group is an international leader in the development and production of electromagnetic solutions for automated and industrial machinery.

The broad range of products include: EMI/RFI Filters, Motor Protection, Harmonic Filters, Line Reactors, Surge Arresters, Voltage Stabilisers and Customised Solutions.

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