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January 2023 – Introducing the New GD Rectifiers Website

A simplified way to select and buy semiconductor components, discover the new GD Rectifiers website

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Certain aspects of everyday tasks can become monotonous over time, and we often find ourselves trying to avoid such jobs. If you find yourself struggling to find power semiconductors on a regular basis, then our team at GD Rectifiers might be able to help.


New GD Rectifiers Website

At GD Rectifiers, we’ve recently launched a new website which aims to help engineers, buyers and procurement specialists find the products they need quickly, improve the productivity of selecting and purchasing power electronic components.


The new website features 6 semiconductor finder tools, which covers discrete diodes, IGBTs, MOSFETs and thyristors, alongside diode modules and thyristor modules. It also offers fuse finder, parts list and compare tools. The new tools help assist customers with checking stock, selecting, comparing, and ordering semiconductor components. It also provides information on the quality and compliance of components, industries, and typical applications, providing customers with everything they need in one place, offering a one-stop solution to all your procurement needs.


Semiconductor and Fuse Finder Tool Features

  • Find the components you need based on manufacturer, voltage and current parameters, package cases, applications, industry approvals and stock availability
  • Download, email, compare or share your finder results


Parts List Features

  • Shop and save the components you need in our online parts list by creating a free online account
  • Create a parts list and share with colleagues
  • Send us your parts list and receive a quote quickly
  • Save time and reorder from your parts list


Compare Tool Features

  • Compare up to three products side by side by some of our leading manufacturers such as IXYS, Semikron and Bussmann
  • Review stock availability, typical applications, and compliance
  • Review, save and print product comparisons


Shop our Stock List

  • View our stock list on our website, updated monthly
  • Filter by product category, manufacturer, application, and stock quantity to refine the list
  • Enquire on one or more products direct from our stock list


BOM Ordering and Product Resources

The new website provides time-saving features with the ability to add parts from your BOM to an enquiry form or send it to us directly. Customers can now search for individual part numbers and part descriptions to find full product information online.

In addition to the finder tools, other resources include a full-service list which highlights the design support, purchasing assistance and account management services provided by GD Rectifiers.

Design Support


Purchasing Assistance


Account Management


GD Rectifiers makes ordering power electronic components easy, whether you like making use of our online tools or prefer to speak to our sales and technical teams about your requirements directly. Our specialist products and services support most applications and we’re proud to give customers direct access to our sales, technical, accounts and marketing teams.

With UK-based distribution, manufacturing and stockholding, GD Rectifiers has developed specialist skills over the past 50 years working with OEMs and CEMs in the industrial, medical, rail, automotive, power supplies, marine and renewable energy applications.

Independently owned, we’re able to deliver specialist products and custom power solutions quickly giving your projects the flexibility, design, and technical expertise you need to succeed.


GD Rectifiers works with customers in every industry to offer a broad range of value-added services.

  • 170,000+ power electronic components in stock
  • Custom products for design/obsolescence challenges
  • Design-in support for new and existing customers
  • Specialist component obsolescence support and replacements
  • UK manufacturer of industry-leading heatsinks and power assemblies
  • Traction refurbishment service
  • Precision CNC machining and milling service
  • Supporting UK design and supplying worldwide
  • A technical sales team with combined experience of 100+ years


For further information on our product range or to discuss your enquiry with a member of our team, please call us on 01444 243 452 or email


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