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R&D Projects

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GD Rectifiers partners with customers to help design and manufacture cutting-edge products for new projects and technologies. We’re proud to have worked with some of the UK’s pioneering power electronic companies to drive design and innovation forward.


Our Research & Design service supports product development and contributes to next generation products in the renewable energy, embedded systems, smart metering and rail industries.


We design and manufacture custom-made heatsinks and power assemblies to meet customer specifications for R&D projects. We liaise with factories to discuss possible design registrations on new semiconductor parts and will often work with the manufacturer directly to design a new part or phase in an obsolete semiconductor part specifically for your project, depending on requirements and predicted annual usage.


Improve productivity. Improve quality

GD Rectifiers engage in research and development projects to help improve productivity and product quality. We deliver unrivalled products, services and solutions specified by the most stringent customer requirements. With experience of bespoke cutting-edge product designs in the rail, medical and automotive industry, our customers rely on us to help drive and accelerate their latest projects.


Crossrail - Elizabeth Line Project

GD Rectifiers supplied heatsinks to fit on top of the 2.1m high units that combine signage with a high-powered LED uplighter, to bounce light off the tunnel’s glass reinforced concrete walls onto the concourse floor. As the first major sub-surface infrastructure project to be entirely lit by LEDs, Crossrail is leading the way for LED lighting and subterranean infrastructure.


GD Rectifiers is proud to have worked on the project which is set to offer Transport for London huge time and cost savings on maintenance of the Elizabeth line in years to come.

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GD Rectifiers heatsinks used on Crossrail's Elizabeth line at Farringdon station

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