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January 2017 – IXYS UK Westcode Launches New 2.2kV Wespack Rectifier Diode

Published on: 20/01/2017

IXYS UK have today released their new 2.2kV Wespack rectifier diode, the first in a new package size

IXYS UK New 2.2kV Wespack Rectifier Diode

Today IXYS UK Westcode have announced the launch of a new addition to its Wespack rectifier diode portfolio. The new 2.2kV rectifier diode is the first in a new package size, presenting the ultimate in power rating for weight and volume without compromising on quality and reliability.


New 2.2kV Wespack Rectifier Diode

The new package offers an increase of more than 25% in current rating when compared to a standard 26mm thick package with the same silicon content and is less than half the package weight.

IXYS’ new device features 50mm die directly bonded to a metallic disc, using IXY UK’s most advanced processing. The structure of this device offers robustness while limiting the overall package size and offers optimised transient thermal conditions.

The thermal capacity of the metal disc and its direct fusion to the silicon enhances performance and presents excellent transient thermal and surge current ratings; whilst the low profile package minimises the thermal path from the silicon to the heatsink.

The optimised thermal resistance of the package allows for maximum current rating with an average current of 4295 amperes, at a heatsink temperature of 55°C. The device has a surge rating of 31,000 amperes and a maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C.

Designations are: W4295NK200 for the 2000V device and W4295NK220 for the 2200V device. Typical applications include: front end rectifiers and bridges, DC power supplies, utilities and chemical power supplies.

GD Rectifiers are IXYS UK Westcode’s official UK distributor, they stock Europe’s largest range of IXYS semiconductor components, heatsinks and hardware.


For all IXYS UK product enquiries please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 /

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