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February 2010 – New CoolMOS portfolio

Published on: 15/02/2010

CoolMOS™ – Coolest & fastest

The revolutionary CoolMOS™ power MOSFET family enables a significant reduction of conducting and switching losses in Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). Latest generation of high voltage power MOSFETs will make AC/DC power supplies even more efficient, more compact, lighter and cooler. This target is achieved by offering the lowest on-state resistance per package outline, the fastest switching speed and the lowest gate drive requirements of high voltage MOSFETs commercially available.


IXYS ISOPLUS™ packaging – Highest reliability & flexibility

The new CoolMOS™ is available in standard packages like TO220 or TO247 and Full Plastic TO220.

Now IXYS offers also DCB isolated packages like ISOPLUS220™. ISOPLUS™ versions have the same footprint as the unisolated standard packages but offer highest reliability and excellent thermal performance. In ISOPLUS™ packages the dies are soldered on a DCB thereby utilizing the high performance of modules. This construction has a thermal expansion coefficient which is very close to that of the silicon and better matched than the Cu based standard packages. Therefore in ISOPLUS™ packages the die sees reduced mechanical stress under thermal or power cycling resulting in world class reliability.


In most applications power devices must be electrically isolated. ISOPLUS™ packages offer isolation without the need of using isolating foils. Therefore ISOPLUS™ gives a very low thermal impedance from die to heat sink. ISOPLUS™ provides the most advantageous platform for multi chip packaging. Configurations such as buck or boost converters or half bridge topologies are easy to implement. Features include excellent switching behaviour due to low inductive current paths as dies are located within one package.

FMD 15-06KC5 or FMD 47-06KC5 are examples of where ISOPLUS™ technology can be used to increase power density by integrating PFC Mosfet and PFC diode into one package. The latest product is MKE15R600DCFC using a SiC Boost Diode. Another benefit is the small coupling capacity between die and heat sink. This helps to reduce EMI emissions.The combination of a very efficient CoolMOS™ and the outstanding ISOPLUS™ packaging technology gives the designer an extremely powerful and reliable solution.





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