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December 2016 – IXYS UK’s Top 10 Best Selling Products in 2016 by GD Rectifiers

Published on: 23/12/2016

Discover IXYS UK’s Top 10 Best Selling Products from GD Rectifiers 

IXYS UK Westcode Semiconductors, IXYS UK’s Top 10 Best Selling Products

IXYS UK Westcode are the UK’s leading manufacturer of power semiconductors and power modules. Formerly known as Westcode semiconductors, the company was founded in 1920 and manufacturing started at the Chippenham site in the 1930’s. Westcode was acquired by IXYS in December 2001 and was rebranded to IXYS UK Westcode. 

Today, IXYS UK Westcode continue to supply high technology components for a wide range of applications including:  welding, AC and DC drives, rectifier supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, motor soft starts, transportation, induction heating, power conditioning high energy physics and many other industrial uses.

GD Rectifiers is an official distributor for IXYS UK Westcode, having worked with the company for many years, we are IXYS UK Westcodes’s go-to distributors and stock the UK’s widest range of Semiconductor components, heat sinks and hardware.


IXYS UK’s Top 10 best selling products in 2016 by GD Rectifiers:


1.     W0797WC140

2.     W0642WC160

3.     W0628RA150SBA

4.     W5696VC140

5.     W0503SC200CAG

6.     N0795YN180CAB

7.     MCC501-18io2

8.     R0990LS08A

9.     N1075LN180CAG

10.  W0735RA150



Most of the IXYS UK Westcode products that we sell to our customers are used in the following applications: LED lighting, AC switch/regulators, rectifier bridges, inverters, audio amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, forklift trucks, plating rectifiers, motor drives, cranes and RF generators.

To view the complete IXYS UK Westcode range please click here.

For further information on all IXYS UK Westcode products please email your enquiry to: or call our friendly sales team on: 01444 243 452.

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