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August 2016 – GD Rectifiers & API launch ultra-low temperature electrolytic capacitor

Published on: 12/08/2016

GD Rectifiers are proud to announce the launch of the new ultra low temperature electrolytic capacitor


Ultra Low CapacitorUltra-low Temperature Electrolytic Capacitor

Ultra-low Temperature Electrolytic Capacitor

GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading distributor for API capacitors. API is a UK based specialist manufacturer of custom and high specification capacitors, GD Rectifiers are today proud to announce the launch of API’s new low temperature electrolytic capacitor.

Electrolytic capacitors used for industrial specifications usually have an operation temperature from between -25°C to +85°C. A wide temperature range paired with high reliability has extended the temperature scope from -40°C to +105°C at a higher cost with boosted derating curves.

What happens if you need an electrolytic capacitor to operate reliably below -40°C and where might this be used?

Many industrial processes and operations can be in extreme environments. The petrochemical industry operates throughout the world from the deserts of the Middle East to the Arctic. It is important that safety equipment operates reliably at these extremes as very low temperatures present a particular problem for electrolytic capacitors that rely on a liquid electrolyte to function.

A very low temperature safety beacon operating in Arctic temperatures uses a -55°C to +105°C capable UWP series API electrolytic capacitor. This has passed stringent user environmental tests to function reliably at -55°C after extended cold soaking and has now been approved for safety system use.

There has never been a more diverse range of electrolytic capacitors for companies to choose from.


For further information on all API products click here or alternatively call our friendly sales team for a quote today on: 01444 243452.

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