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April 2020 – Enerdoor’s CE Certification

Published on: 17/04/2020

Discover the basics of Enerdoor’s CE Certification – what it is, who needs it and the countries that require it

Enerdoor's CE Certification by GD Rectifiers

Enerdoor provides an extensive range of circuit protection parts, together with Finlab they specialise in the measurement and analysis of CE testing and certification, providing an on-site service to customers around the world.


Enerdoor’s CE Certification

Enerdoor’s Stefano Medved, Chief Technical Officer, outlines the key points of CE certification, including what it is, who needs it and the countries that require it.

Learn more about the CE Certification process and what sets Enerdoor apart from other CE Laboratories in our latest YouTube video.

Enerdoor offers free consulting, an onsite service with a flat rate (no hourly/daily price) and provide a guaranteed passing solution. Enerdoor’s flat rate guaranteed solution is unique to the industry.

GD Rectifiers is the UK’s official distributor for Enerdoor, providing customers with their extensive range of: EMI Filters, RFI Filters, EMC Filters, DC Filters, Harmonic Filters, Motor Protection, Parallel Filters, Power Factor Correction, Surge Arresters and Voltage Stabilisers.


For further information on Enerdoor’s extensive product range, or to start your CE certification process, contact us today on: 01444 243 452 /


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