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September 2018 – IXYS Introduces Low Cost Dual 5A Gate Driver IC

Published on: 04/09/2018

IXYS launches new IX4340 low cost dual 5A Gate Driver IC

Gate Driver IC, IXYS Low Cost Dual Gate Driver by GD Rectifiers

The IX4340 low-cost Dual 5A Gate Driver IC is the latest addition to the IXYS Integrated Circuits Division gate driver portfolio and features two high current outputs, both capable of sourcing and sinking up to 5A. Both outputs have a maximum voltage rating of 20V, with matched propagation delays, the identical output drivers can be connected in parallel for higher current applications.

The logic inputs are TTL and CMOS logic compatible and there is an enable function for each output. Voltage lockout circuitry prevents the high side source driver from conducting until there is sufficient supply voltage.

Fast propagation delay times (16ns typical) and fast rise and fall times (7ns typical) make the IX4340 well suited for high frequency applications. The gate driver has an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, and has a ±4kV ESD rating. The IX4340 is supplied in a thermally enhanced 8-lead SOIC package (IX434NE) and a standard 8-lead SOIC package (IX434N).

IXYS’ low cost IX4340 is well suited for driving power MOSFETs and IGBTs in high power SMPS applications, power inverters, DC to DC converters and motor controls.


IXYS Gate Driver ICs

IXYS offers the largest portfolio of drivers for power devices, non-isolated, optically isolated and transformer isolated drivers for power SiC and Si MOSFETs, IGBTs, Thyristors and respective power modules.

Part Number      Ipeak (A)   Output Resistance (Ohms) Source/Sink    Logic Configs   Enable Function  Under Voltage Lockout (Vcc<)
IX4426 1.5 8/4 D
IX4427 1.5 8/4 E
IX4428 1.5 8/4 F
IXD_602 2 4/3 D, E, F
IX4423 3 4/3 D
IX4424 3 4/3 E
IX4424G 3 4/3 E
IX4425 3 4/3 F
IX4340 5 1.5/1.1 G Yes 3.8V
IXD_604 5 2.5/2 D, E, F, G Yes
IXD_609 9 1/0.8 A, B, C Yes
IXD_614 14 0.8/0.6 A, B, C Yes
IXD_630 30 0.4/0.3 A, B, C Yes 12.5V
IXD_630M 30 0.4/0.3 A, B, C Yes 9V


For further information on the IXYS Integrated Circuits Division please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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