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September 2017 – Capacitors Used in Rail Tractions

Published on: 27/09/2017

Learn more about the capacitors used in rail tractions; we supply power capacitors for various rail manufacturers and systems

London Underground Bank station, capacitors used in rail tractions

We are a leading distributor for API Capacitors who supply a wide range of capacitor products to many train manufacturers, operators and maintenance depots throughout the world.

API’s products are utilised in a variety of applications on-board many electric, diesel electric locomotives, multiple units, metro systems and tramways. They design and engineer state-of-the-art products at their British manufacturing facility in Norfolk.

API Capacitors’ designs utilise high quality raw materials sourced from leading specialists in their respective fields, to produce high quality capacitors for use in GTO based traction systems and IGBT based systems. They are also used in main traction and auxiliary converters/inverters.


Capacitors used in rail tractions

We distribute a wide range of API Capacitors, including: AC harmonic filters, commutation capacitors, DC link and various other tuned and filtering capacitor products.

API Capacitors are manufactured and designed incorporating compliance and associated European and rail standards. Products are manufactured following an ISO 9001 framework and the company also has an IRIS accreditation which reinforces their credibility of supplying capacitor components in to the rail marketplace.

In addition to pre-qualification for new build traction projects, we work with API Capacitors to provide custom designed products suitable for obsolescence and mid-life refurbishment issues.

Discover our full range of API Capacitors: AC Capacitors, Custom Designed Capacitors, DC Capacitors, Energy Storage Capacitors, Low Temperature Capacitors, Snubber Capacitors, Track Circuit Capacitors and Ultra Low Temperature Capacitors.

To discuss your next project and discover how we can help save you money sourcing capacitor components, please call us on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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