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Low Temperature Capacitors

GD Rectifiers are one of the first distributors in the power electronics industry to design and distribute low and ultra low temperature capacitors. They work closely with API Capacitors to design and manufacture customised capacitors for most applications.

Electrolytic capacitors can exhibit large changes in capacitance at low or high temperatures. Traditionally, at low temperatures capacitors lose a major portion of their capacitance, until now. 

GD Rectifiers stock both low temperature electrolytic capacitors, ranging from -40°C to +105°C and ultra low temperature electrolytic capacitors which range from -55°C to +105°C.

Low Temperature Capacitors

View the Ultra Low Temperature Capacitor Datasheet

The new ultra low temperature electrolytic capacitor maintains the level of capacitance required and has created a more diverse range of electrolytic capacitors for companies and engineers to choose from.

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API Capacitors

API Capacitors is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality power capacitors for power electronic applications.
Their extensive product range of filter, snubber and energy storage capacitors services the markets of traction, industrial drives, power conditioning and avionics, together with discharge capacitors for medical, plasma and pulsed power applications.

API Capacitors prides itself on working alongside its customers, tailoring the product correctly to its specific application so it performs exactly as required with total reliability.

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