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September 2016 – GD Rectifiers announces the launch of PSRC760Vrms to it’s Dv/Dt suppression range

Published on: 08/09/2016

GD Rectifiers is proud to announce the PSRC760Vrms as the latest addition to it’s suppression range


GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading manufacturer of RC Snubber Networks for Thyristor Power Control and Transient Suppression. GD Rectifiers manufacture a range of Dv/Dt Snubber networks suitable to suit most power applications and are today proud to announce the launch of the PSRC760Vrms Dv/Dt suppression unit.


New PSRC760Vrms

RC networks are used to control voltage transients that could falsely turn-on a thyristor. These networks are called snubbers. The simple snubber consists of a series resistor and capacitor placed around the thyristor. These components along with the load inductance form a series CRL circuit.

GD Rectifiers have recently introduced the encapsulated PSRC760, a robust low-cost 760Vrms Dv/Dt suppression unit. The new snubber is suitable for both air and oil cooling in applications up to 760Vrms. In-line screw fixings allow a simple and effective direct connection across the device and busbar.

Like all GD Rectifiers suppression parts, the PSRC760 provides a quick and efficient solution to transient voltage problems. The PSRC760 suppression unit is used extensively on GD Rectifiers’ power assemblies.

GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading RC Snubber Network provider with over 50 years of experience, they are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company that design and develop bespoke power semiconductor assemblies to control voltage, current and frequency for international industrial markets.

For further information on the full PSRC data range click here or alternatively call our friendly sales team for a quote today on: 01444 243452.

Find out more about the latest GD Rectifiers product range here.


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