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November 2018 – IXYS UK Westcode Fuses by GD Rectifiers

Published on: 25/11/2018

Explore IXYS UK Westcode fuses including the benefits, applications and approvals today



IXYS UK Westcode’s range of semiconductor fuses are specifically designed to provide protection against circuit faults and to isolate failed devices. IXYS UK’s fuses utilise proven advanced technology and provides the characteristics and performance necessary to meet the levels pf protection required in today’s power conversion equipment.

IXYS fuses offer fast acting, rapid protection against device ruptures, external short circuits, destructive energy let through and excessive peak currents. The majority of IXYS UK’s fuses are UL recognised.

Westcode fuses have been designed to provide state-of-the-art protection for all IXYS UK high power semiconductors, including: diodes, thyristors, GTO’s and IGBT devices. The fuses are assembled with pure silver, die-cut elements embedded in solidified sand, which helps control arcing characteristics for a lower l2t and high interrupting rate level. All contact surfaces are silver plated and all hardware is non-magnetic. Each fuse link is equipped with a low voltage trip indicator which can operate a field mountable microswitch.


IXYS UK Westcode Fuses: Complete Range

  • PSC Fuses
  • British Standard BS88 Fuses
  • DIN80 Standard Fuses
  • French Cylindrical Fuses
  • Associated Microswitches
  • Associated Fuse Holders


IXYS UK Westcode Fuses Feature:

  • Ultra-fast acting
  • Current limiting
  • Very low l2t for improved semiconductor protection
  • Superior cycling capability
  • Multiple body sizes and end contact terminals
  • aR class according to VDE 636-23 and IEC 60269-4


IXYS Fuse Applications:

  • Protection of inverters
  • UPS systems
  • Motor drives


IXYS Fuse Approvals

  • UL/CSA recognised components
  • AC: UL guide no. E76491
  • IEC 60269-4 compliance
  • RoHS compliant


IXYS Selector Guides

Designed to help you find the protection you need for your design.


PSC Square Body Fuses, Size 3x, 500-700VAC, end contact terminals

PSC Square Body Fuses, Size 3x, 500-700VAC, blade terminals

PSC Square Body Fuses, Size 7x, 550-1300VAC, end contact terminals

PSC Square Body Fuses, Size 7x, 900-1300VAC, blade terminals

PSC Square Body Fuses, Sizes 000 & 00, 690VAC, 16A-160A, gR class

PSC Square Body Fuses, Sizes 000 & 00, 690VAC, 16A-400A, aR class

NH Square Body Fuses, Sizes 000 to 33, 500-700VAC, knife blade terminals

BS88-4 Fuses, 250VAC and 690VAC

Cylindrical Fuse Links, Sizes A, B & C, 700VAC, 1A-100A


GD Rectifiers has been an authorised distributor for IXYS UK Westcode (formerly known as Westcode) for over 24 years and stock their complete range of: fuses, diodes, thyristors, distributed gate thyristors, fast turn-off thyristors, gate turn off thyristors, medium voltage thyristors, IGBTs, air cooled heatsinks, solid fin heatsinks, AC capacitors, DC capacitors and power assemblies.


View the complete IXYS UK product range here


For further information on IXYS UK Westcode fuses, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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