Power Assemblies and Controllers

Circuit Protection

Forced Air Cooled Heatsinks

GD Rectifiers offers a range of forced air cooled heatsinks. For heatsinks like the PS260 we recommend side plates to improve the flow of air. We also offer cooling options for the comb style heatsinks like the PS385.


Module Device Fan Cooled Heatsinks

PS218-xxF                                        PS260-xxF                         PS260-xxF(6)

0.1 DegC/W                                      0.075 DegC/W                   0.05 DegC/W




0.12 DegC/W


Large Module Device Fan Cooled Heatsinks

PS292-xxF                                       PS385-xxF 

0.028 DegC/W                                0.02 DegC/W


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