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June 2022 – Why Choose Enerdoor Products

Published on: 28/06/2022

Learn more about the industry’s leading Enerdoor products

Enerdoor fproducts n the shape of towers

Enerdoor filters

Enerdoor offers a huge selection of EMC and power quality filters designed for automated machinery, machine tools, commercial buildings, medical equipment, hospitals, electric vehicles, water or wastewater and oil/gas.

Enerdoor’s extensive range of EMC products minimise the electrical interference generated by VFDs, SCRs, servo drives and other sources, analysing each problem and offering the best filtering solution for a large range of industrial applications.

Enerdoor delivers reliable and cost-effective power solutions using a unique technology that attenuates RF noise in low frequency ranges. The North America based manufacturer also specialises in modifying and creating custom power quality and EMC filter solutions tailored to customer requirements.


For products outside of Enerdoor’s standard product range, GD Rectifiers works with Enerdoor to source a custom design and solution for customers.


Enerdoor Products – The Complete Range

– DC Filters

– EMI Filters

– Motor Protection

– Line Reactors

– Surge Arresters

– Voltage Stabilisers

– Harmonic Solutions

– Power Factor Correction


What makes Enerdoor unique?

In addition to filtering solutions, Enerdoor offers EMC and CE compliance testing which provides a guaranteed solution. Learn more about the basics of EMC and CE certification including how it works, who needs it and the countries that require it in Enerdoor’s CE Certification video here.


Who needs Enerdoor Products?

–       OEMs exporting out of North America

–       Machinery that has RF or electrical interference

–       PLCs and sensors that are failing due to RF interference

–       Drives with IGBT firing

–       Devices that require harmonic distortion or meet IEEE-519 compliance

–       Motors that are significantly distanced from drive >50 feet

–       Purchasers looking at buying a new drive


Benefits of Using Enerdoor Products

–       Trusted manufacturer of EMC and power quality products for over 30 years

–       Large inventory in stock

–       Competitive pricing

–       5-year warranty on EMI filters

–       Global presence

–       Decades of field experience solving power quality, RF interference and harmonic distortion problems

–       CE testing with a guaranteed solution



Enerdoor’s products carry a wide range of certifications, providing you with the reassurance you need to future-proof your device and application.

GD Rectifiers is Enerdoor’s exclusive UK distributor, offering competitive pricing, expert technical support and dedicated account management on the manufacturers complete range of DC filters, harmonic filters, line reactors, motor protection, parallel filters, power factor correction, surge arresters, voltage stabilisers and EMI-RFI filters.


Find out more about Enerdoor’s extensive range online or to discuss your system requirements with our team today on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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