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October 2021 – Managing component obsolescence through authorised channels

Published on: 19/10/2021

Power electronic life-cycles are shortening, learn how to combat this by managing component obsolescence and partnering with authorised distributors

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Long term product availability is vital in a wide range of industries, particularly in the rail and submarine markets where product approvals are strict and time consuming.

Purchasers need to ensure they are using a reliable distributor who will inform them of product obsolescence and the options available to them. It’s crucial to use a reliable source, even after a component has been made obsolete to ensure stress-free purchasing, limiting disruption to the supply chain.

Some of the component obsolescence problems customers face when not purchasing from authorised channels include:

  • Immediate line-stops without warning
  • Large financial commitments tied up in ‘last time buys’
  • Long term storage costs
  • Forced product re-designs
  • Premature product end of life and lack of technical support


There are numerous benefits of working with authorised distributors, including peace of mind that components are genuine, within the manufacturer’s spec, guaranteed maximum product performance and short lead times.


Obsolescence Benefits for using Authorised Distributors

Managing Obsolescence

Poor component selection in development can lead to a premature redesign, and the difference in purchasing components from authorised distributors is that they will apply their technical expertise and support you on your project, whereas when purchasing components from a purchasing house, they will simply sell the part you are enquiring about and will not be able to provide any background or life-cycle information on the part.


It’s also important for purchasers to remember that the lowest cost component may not be the best choice for the long-term supply. When sourcing components from authorised distributors, customers are notified when a product becomes obsolete, allowing them time to plan for the phase out and source an alternative.


Plan for Obsolescence

It’s important that both purchasers and distributors plan for obsolescence. Component obsolescence is becoming much more today because production is tight and products need to be streamlined, more superior parts are replacing older ones and new technologies are advancing component designs.

If your equipment has a long qualification, production or service life then the chances are you will face component obsolescence. Preventative planning by purchasing component engineering, design and programme management can reduce or eliminate the cost or risk of component obsolescence. Authorised distributors will often have a list of mechanically interchangeable parts that can be used as a direct replacement from other manufacturers they stock. They will work to this list in situations where lead times are pushed out, production is phasing out or when products are made obsolete. Authorised distributors always have a contingency plan, ready to support purchasers.


Monitoring of Component life-cycles

In an ideal world, purchasers would monitor the component life-cycles of the parts they take, however this is a huge task and one most purchasers do not have the time or resource to do.

Authorised distributors are constantly monitoring component life-cycles and notifying customers of any changes to production or demand of a product, even before the manufacturer announces a product discontinuation notice.


Purchase from Authorised Sources

The only way to be best equipped with component obsolescence is to use a reliable, authorised source. Authorised distributors offer the best products, service, technical support and help purchasers with preventative planning. They work as an extension to your company and help you forward plan, unlike other purchasing sources throughout the industry.


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for over 30 of the world’s leading semiconductor and circuit protection brands, including; IXYS, Westcode, Semikron, Dynex, Enerdoor, Bussmann and Mersen.

GD Rectifiers has been servicing buyers, engineers and procurement specialists for over 55 years, offering the world’s best electronic components at the very best prices.

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