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May 2017 – PCIM Europe 2017 Round Up

Published on: 19/05/2017

Discover our highlights from this year’s PCIM Europe

PCIM Europe

Over 450 exhibitors from 28 nations attended the PCIM Europe exhibition in Nuremberg on 16th-18th May, with seminars and tutorials taking place from 14th-15th May. PCIM Europe is the international leading exhibition for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.

This year the exhibition featured new products and trend developments in the power electronics industry, providing the perfect networking opportunities. PCIM Europe serves as a technical and scientific platform for decision makers, engineers and researchers engaged in power electronics and its fields of applications.


Long Distance Charging Solutions for BEVs: from now to 2030

Robert Lassartesses from Renault SAS in France discussed the today trend of fixing the charger power. The keynote showcased some of the limits the BEVs (battery electrical vehicle) on the car point of view in terms of battery cost, packaging and weight, the uncertainty of the availability of specific material and environmental considerations. Charging during driving transfers an important investment part from BEV to infrastructure by reducing battery size.


The Smart Future of Power Electronics

Hans Krattenmacher from SEW-Eurodrive in Germany presented an in-depth speech on the smart future of power electronics and its applications. Power electronic components have been used for decades, one of the most important devices is the conventional frequency inverter which is used in many applications of the conveyor technology, materials handling technology and machine automation. Hans described how the technology in the power electronics industry had adjusted and optimised the fit of applications throughout the years by making it faster, more efficient and more robust. He went to inform visitors that the traditional stationary materials handling technology, in which many handling systems in which many gearmotors and electronic components are built in to, will be replaced by mobile materials handling systems.


Evolution in Topologies as a result of New Devices and Enabling Technologies

Ionel Dan Jitaru from Rompower in USA, presented the topic of evolution in topologies and how they may be needed as the progress in semiconductor industry and other enabling technologies are emerging, has been raised with different occasions. In the last thirty years no new topologies have been introduced, there has been a clear shift in the preferred topologies used by engineers in power conversion. The presentation showcased the progress for a number of topologies over the years such as flyback topology, forward derived topologies including the two transistors forward, half and full bridge topologies and the changes made in order to further improve the performances. The two latest transistor forward topology achieve soft switching both in primary and secondary, with minor hardware changes and through intelligent control. The same evolution is achieved also in the traditional boost converter, which evolved in the latest applications in PFC where in efficiency went above 99% mostly due to the GaNs and intelligent control.


High Voltage SiC

On the first day of PCIM Europe, HV SiC MOSFETs highlighted the latest advances in semiconductor and module technology. The 3.3kV/450 A Full-SiC nHPD2 (next high power density dual) module was introduced by Dr. Takashi Ishigaki from Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device. The extremely low internal inductance of the package can make the best use of full-SiC. Fast and smooth switching of the module was explained along with the output characteristics of the full-SiC module in traction inverter simulation with considering the reverse conduction of the module accurately.



The paper Short-Circuit Robustness of Discrete SiC MOSFETs in half-bridge configuration by Nicolas Degrenne from Mitsubshi Electric, France studies the robustness and configuration. The energy repartition during short-circuit is inherently unstable and unequal leading to the failure of one device before the other. The short circuit event before destruction typically lasts 50% longer in half-bridge configuration, compared to single-device short circuits. Different series of tests are realised to identify failure scenarios and mechanisms.


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