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July 2020 – Littelfuse’s High Power IGBTs

Introducing Littelfuse’s pressure contact IGBTs


Littelfuse high power IGBTs by GD Rectifiers


Littelfuse offers a wide range of highly reliable pressure contact IGBTs with voltage ratings from 1.7kV to 6.5kV and current ratings from 115A to 3kA.


Capsule Type High Power IGBTs

Littelfuse’s pioneering press-pack IGBT technology provides a range of class-leading devices with voltage ratings of 1.7kV (900V DC link), 2.5kV (1.25kV DC link), 3.3kV (1.8kV DC link), 4.5kV (2.8kV DC link) and 6.5kV (3.6kV DC link).

These devices are totally free from wire and solder bonds which all but eliminates the problems of mechanical fatigue associated with conventional modules. Internal stray inductance in both the gate connections and emitter connections is vastly reduced when compared to conventional modules leading to improved ruggedness and short circuit behaviour, which is further enhanced by direct cooling of the emitter side of the chip.

Catalogue Number Use with Device Package Type Datasheet
T0115QC45G C0044BG400SCR W109 Datasheet
T0140QC33G C0044BG400SCF W109 Datasheet
T0240NB45E C0044BG400SBL W40 Datasheet
T0258HF65G W95 Datasheet
T0285NC33E C0044BG400SCG W40 Datasheet
T0340VB45G C0044BG400SBQ W67 Datasheet
T0360ND25A C0044BG400SBA W40 Datasheet
T0385HF65E W95 Datasheet
T0425VC33G C0044BG400SCH W67 Datasheet
T0500ND25E C0044BG400SBB W40 Datasheet
T0510VB45E C0044BG400SBE W67 Datasheet
T0570VD25G C0044BG400SBF W67 Datasheet
T0600AF65G W98 Datasheet
T0600NC17A C0044BG400SCB W40 Datasheet
T0600TB45A C0044BG400SBM W41 Datasheet
T0640VC33E C0044BG400SCJ W67 Datasheet
T0710TC33A C0044BG400SCK W41 Datasheet
T0800EB45G C0044BG400SBG W44 Datasheet
T0800TB45E C0044BG400SBN W41 Datasheet
T0840NC17E C0044BG400SCA W40 Datasheet
T0850VD25E C0044BG400SBH W67 Datasheet
T0900AF65E W98 Datasheet
T0900DF65A W96 Datasheet
T0900EB45A C0044BG400SBP W44 Datasheet
T0960VC17G C0044BG400SCC W67 Datasheet
T1000EC33G C0044BG400SCM W44 Datasheet
T1000TC33E C0044BG400SCL W41 Datasheet
T1200EB45E C0044BG400SBR W44 Datasheet
T1200TD25A C0044BG400SBC W41 Datasheet
T1290BF65A W103 Datasheet
T1375DF65E W96 Datasheet
T1440VC17E C0044BG400SCD W67 Datasheet
T1500EC33E C0044BG400SCN W44 Datasheet
T1500TD25E C0044BG400SBD W41 Datasheet
T1600GB45G C0044BG400SBJ W45 Datasheet
T1680TC17G C0044BG400SCE W41 Datasheet
T1800GB45A C0044BG400SBS W45 Datasheet
T1890BF65E W103 Datasheet
T2000BB45G C0044BG400SBZ W110 Datasheet
T2250AD25E C004BG400SBV W71 Datasheet
T2400GB45E C0044BG400SBT W45 Datasheet
T2400GD25G C0044BG400SCQ W45 Datasheet
T2960BB45E C0044BG400SBW W110 Datasheet


Gate Drive Units

Littelfuse’s C044BG400 IGBT gate driver is a low power consumption driver with on board VCE desaturation detection for high reliability application. The driver features a fiber-optic communication interface for drive, status and switching feedback signals. A fully supervised DC/DC converter with EMI filtering, low coupling capacitance and high partial discharge level is integrated into the board.