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December 2021 – IXYS Product Discontinuation Notice VHF15-xx1O5, VHF28-xx1O5, VHF36-xxIO5

Published on: 21/12/2021

The latest IXYS product discontinuation notice, affecting some of its bridge rectifiers

VHF15-08IO5 Bridge Rectifier

IXYS: A Littelfuse Technology has this month announced the discontinuation of some of its bridge rectifiers due to low demand. 



Existing Part Number                         Replacement Part Number

VHF15-08IO5                                        2x MCD40-12IO6, VHFD37-08IO1

VHF15-12IO5                                        2x MCD40-12IO6, VHFD37-12IO1

VHF15-16IO5                                        2x MCD40-16IO6, VHFD37-16IO1



Existing Part Number                         Replacement Part Number

VHF28-08IO5                                        2x MCD40-12IO6, VHF37-08IO1

VHF28-12IO5                                        2x MCD40-12IO6, VHFD37-12IO1

VHF28-16IO5                                        2x MCD40-16IO6, VHFD37-16IO1



Existing Part Number                         Replacement Part Number

VHF36-08IO5                                        2x MCD40-12IO6, VHFD37-08IO1

VHF36-12IO5                                        2x MCD40-12IO6, VHFD37-12IO1

VHF36-16IO5                                        2x MCD40-16IO6, VHFD37-16IO1


Recommended replacements are often not one-to-one substitutions in terms of mechanical and mounting values.

Typically, these replacements are covering the electrical and thermal parameters and capabilities.


Reason: Low demand

Last time order date: 31/03/2022

Last time delivery date: 31/12/2022


For further information relating to this product discontinuation notice, or to discuss your requirements with our sales team, please call 01444 243 452, email: or visit our website.

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