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August 2017 – Capacitor Applications

Published on: 03/08/2017

Discover the world’s leading capacitors and the applications they’re used in

Capacitor applications, London Underground platform image.

API Capacitors’ large range of filter, snubber and energy storage capacitors service the specialist markets of traction, industrial drives, power conditioning and avionics. API’s high quality capacitors are technically advanced and are used worldwide in a multitude of diverse applications.

GD Rectifiers is Europe’s leading distributor for API, they distribute capacitors to power transmission and generation, manufacturers of passenger and mass transit trains, research institutions such as CERN and familiar producers of all-electric and hybrid vehicles.

Capacitor Applications

DC Capacitors

DC Capacitors are used in propulsion and auxiliary inverters for railway traction, marine and avionic applications, static frequency converters and renewable energy systems for local & HVDC transmissions.


AC Capacitors

GD Rectifiers stock a wide range of AC Capacitors from API, they are widely used in: AC traction inverter output filters, high power UPS input and output filters, multi-phase marine propulsion drives and specialised power factor correction.


Snubber Capacitors

API’s snubber capacitors are usually used in thyristor bridges for AC/DC conversion, active front end rectifiers, GTO and IGCT based inverters, high power IGBT applications.


Track Circuit Capacitors

Track circuit capacitors are predominantly used in the following applications: high reliability, single and switched multi-element assemblies for AC resonant railway signalling applications.


Energy Storage Capacitors

Typical applications for energy storage capacitors are: particle physics and plasma research, pulsed laser discharge, lithotripters, industrial and aviation turbine ignition.


Custom Design Capacitors

Most of the capacitors GD Rectifiers source from API are made to order, enabling the design and manufacture to be easily modified to fit precise applications and the strictest customer specifications.


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