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September 2019 – EMI Filters for OEMs using VFDs and Servo Drives

Published on: 23/09/2019

Learn more about Enerdoor’s EMI filters for OEMs using VFDs and servo drives 


EMI filters for OEMs using VFDs and servo drives 

Enerdoor is one of the largest designers and manufacturers in the world, they offer custom solutions to customers requiring an EMI Filter or RFI Filter in conjunction with a single or multiple variable frequency drives (VFDs) and servo drives.

It can be extremely challenging for OEMs, system integrators and distributors to find suitable EMI and RFI filters to use inside a cabinet that has multiple VFDs or servo drives.

It is often recommended by drive manufacturers to install a single EMI-RFI filter for each individual drive. This results in increased cost, more space being used inside the cabinet and a higher leakage current. Drive manufacturers typically do not stock EMI-RFI filters because they are usually considered as an accessory which can sometimes make it hard for customers to buy the devices.

EMI filters for OEMs using VFDs and servo drives 

Enerdoor provides the perfect solution for OEMs, they offer one filter per machine instead of one filter per drive. Enerdoor’s solution of using a single filter per machine instead of one per drive offers the following advantages:

  • Low leakage current and protects the entire machine instead of only the drive
  • Using only one filter provides cost savings and also requires less mechanical space. It also reduces potential quality issues due to the faulty wiring and accelerates installation time


Enerdoor’s unique combination of being an EMI-RFI filter manufacturer combined with their experience spanning back over 27 years, has allowed them to comprise a list of filters compatible with the major VFD and servo drive manufacturers throughout the world.


All of the below filters have been tested in systems utilising single or multiple VFDs. If a drive manufacturer is not listed, please contact GD Rectifiers for the appropriate solution.


Enerdoor EMI Filter Solutions by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for Enerdoor, offering their wide range of high quality electromagnetic devices on short lead times, with competitive pricing and expert technical support every step of the way.

For further information on Enerdoor’s EMI and RFI Filters please call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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