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High Speed Fuses

  • Bussmann British Standard BS88 Fuses

    Bussmann's range of British Standard BS88 Fuses feature excellent cycling capability and DC performance. They are typically used in a wide range of applications, including: DC common bus, DC drives, …

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  • Bussmann Compact High Speed Fuses

    Eaton Bussmann’s new series of Compact High Speed Fuses are designed for compact drives, power conversion and UPS equipment.

    The 50-400A fuses use up to 48% less enclosure space compared …

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  • Bussmann DFJ Drive Fuses

    Bussmann offers a wide range of current-limiting DFJ high speed fuses which are UL Listed Class J fuses. 

    The DFJ drive fuses provide maximum protection for AC and DC drives …

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  • Bussmann Ferrule Fuses

    Bussmann’s wide range of Ferrule (cylindrical clip-mounted) fuses are designed and tested to meet the industry’s standard and requirements across the world. Bussmann’s ferrule fuses offer a unique design and …

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  • Bussmann North American Fuses

    Bussmann’s North American Fuses provide an excellent solution for medium power applications. The fuses feature: low energy let-thru (l2t), low watts’ loss, superior cycling capability, low arc voltage and excellent …

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  • Bussmann Square Body Fuses

    Bussmann’s range of Square Body Fuses feature a unique design allowing minimal energy let-through, low operating temperature and low watts loss.

    Square body fuses are a reliable solution for high …

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