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November 2018 – Distributors Help Start-ups

Published on: 08/11/2018

Distributors help start-ups and small independents find their way in the market

Distributors help start-ups, GD Rectifiers office

Start-up companies and small independents are increasingly turning to distributors, not just for components for prototype builds, but for design, supply chain and manufacturing expertise needed to help bring their products to market.

Start-ups are relying on distributors to provide the technical expertise and experience to help them select the right components and suppliers for design and help manage the supply chain.

We have seen an increase in the maker movement recently as more and more design engineers are starting their own businesses or projects and are requiring access to product information quickly and efficiently.

The number of start-up companies emerging in the industry is increasing due to the availability of online tools such as datasheets, how to guides and design references, alongside the accessibility of crowd funding initiatives which help finance new projects.


Distributors help start-ups

GD Rectifiers work with new start-up companies that require technical advice and engineer expertise to help bring their product to life. We develop loyal relationships with our customers in the hope that we can service them for many years to come.

GD Rectifiers are equipped to support start-ups and makers at any stage of the development, from concept through to full-scale production. We understand that sometimes start-up and small independents can be limited by resources, which is why we offer to help alleviate some of the workload. GD Rectifiers help find the right design partner and select the right quality components required for their project.

Once a product has moved in to production, start-ups often require supply chain support so they can understand the volumes, part shortages, availability and lead times, material constraints and other potential supply chain problems.

The start-ups often have extensive technical expertise about a product or a specific technology but can sometimes lack the knowledge and fundamentals of the supply chain such as component availability, lead times and component obsolescence. GD Rectifiers works closely with the start-ups to support their idea from concept right the way through to delivery.

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