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November 2016 – Aluminium Heat Sinks: The Benefits You Need To Know

Published on: 08/11/2016

Discover the top benefits of using aluminium heat sinks

Aluminium heat sinks by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers are one of the UK’s leading aluminium extrusion suppliers and have extensive experience in designing and creating aluminium profile solutions. GD Rectifiers are experts in alloy requirements and advise the best extrusion shapes and sizes to produce aluminium profiles in order to meet exact requirements. 


Why Choose Aluminium Heat Sinks?

1. The most common heat sink materials are aluminium alloys

2. Aluminium alloy has one of the higher thermal conductivity values but is mechanically soft

3. Aluminium is a good heat conductor and reflector, making it very useful in heat transfer applications and as a highly reflective heat shield

4. Aluminium has a low density – copper is three times denser than aluminium

5. Reduce cost – aluminium is much more cost effective than copper, on average copper costs 4-6 times more than Aluminium

6. Aluminium can be more easily extruded than other materials

7. It’s easier to create custom aluminium heat sink profile variations

8. When extruded in a fin, profiles can easily be attached to a copper base, conducting a large amount of thermal energy to the lighter, less expensive aluminium alloy cooling fins

9. Aluminium is a lighter metal and is made up of all fans and radiators on the device

10. Aluminium heat sinks usually require low maintenance

11. Aluminium has almost twice the specific heat of copper

12. Aluminium heat sinks are highly resistant to corrosion

13. Heat sinks made from aluminium can be significantly exposed to air by suddenly forming a protective layer, it is a suitable heat sink for many applications and environments due to the exposure to moisture and other elements

14. Aluminium provides a more consistent surface by eliminating the air pockets and also offers the most efficiency in cooling

15. The product shape can easily be adapted

16. Aluminium provides an Increased service life

17. Aluminium provides the quickest form of assembly


Aluminium heat sinks are used to tackle the heat problems generated in semiconductor devices. The primary purpose of using this heat sink is to dissipate the heat that helps to maintain the heated surface in the electronic parts.

Engineers can use the heat sink made of aluminium metal because it likely to increase air in the surface area to dissipate the generated heat. This process has an ability to cool the surface area with the natural air or forced air convection by using a fan.

In order to avoid heat problems, the aluminium metal can be mounted on to an electronic component, this allows the sufficient air to be applied to the surface area which slows down the contact resistance.

GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom built Aluminium Heat Sinks, heat sink accessories and heat sink assemblies. They stock and machine a large range of heat sinks suitable for stud, modules and capsule semiconductors.

GD Rectifiers offer technical support on all heat sinks including specific heat dissipation requirements. View GD Rectifiers’ complete heat sink range here.

For further information on all GD Rectifiers heat sink products call: 01444 243 452 or email:


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