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March 2022 – Thermal Management Contract Manufacturing Services

Published on: 31/03/2022

Discover our turnkey contract manufacturing services and solutions designed to suit you

Power assembly collage, featuring 25 different power semiconductor assemblies manufactured by GD Rectifiers. Contract manufacturing services.

At GD Rectifiers, we have been delivering exemplary contract electronics manufacturing since 1964. Our broad manufacturing skills extend from design management and procurement of full system build to ship-to-user, with a comprehensive range of outstanding production resources and assembly solutions in between.


Full Service

GD Rectifiers is a full-service heatsink and power assembly contract manufacturer. That means we offer a range of flexible options to meet the specific requirements of customers. Some only need the skills from part of our portfolio, for instance a forced air-cooled heatsink, used in conjunction with a fan to increase the rate of airflow over the heatsink. Others use our full-service solutions such as a power semiconductor assembly with a built in heatsink to benefit from a turnkey solution tailored to their exact needs. 

With modern facilities, comprehensive equipment and a skilled workforce, we have an unbeatable combination of expertise, capacity and quality that has secured us great contracts, loyal customers and enviable certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, BS EN 60947-4-3:2014, BS EN 60146-1-1:2010 and RISQ accreditation.



GD Rectifiers’ customers can call an impressive bank of knowledge and expertise. We offer complimentary advice at all levels on procurement channels, design for manufacture, design for test, production processes, quality procedures, logistics and more. This ensures cost effective production, optimum product reliability and shorter development cycles.



Our comprehensive full service covers a broad range of quality-certified capabilities. BSI standards are at the heart of all our production and test disciplines, and our staff training. We offer a large range of services and solutions from standard off-the-shelf power assemblies to assembly components, custom assembly designs and traction refurbishment services. As part of our standard assembly range, we offer 24 designs available in three configurations, in single-phase, three-phase, hex-phase and thyristor rectifier circuits from 5kW up to 5WM. We even include electro-mechanical expertise and metalwork in our turnkey services, while our dedicated project management solutions give customers a convenient single point of contact.


For further information on GD Rectifiers thermal management contract manufacturing services please call 01444 243 452 or email


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