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July 2021 – Sourcing Electronic Components for the Medical Industry

Published on: 28/07/2021

Get ahead with sourcing electronic components for the medical industry by mitigating supply chain risks

Medical equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented buyers with a major challenge in sourcing power electronic components. Demand for semiconductor components used in ventilators, ultrasound scanners and MRI scanners are growing at an all-time high, demonstrating a gap in supply chain from manufacturing, procurement, storage, distribution and delivery.

Accessing components in the quantities and timescales required and accessing products with the required certifications for healthcare environments are the two main challenges that buyers are facing.

GD Rectifiers shares the seven ways they have been working with customers to mitigate risks of procuring electronic components.


1)   Plan – identify what you can do to mitigate risks and work with your distributor to foresee any supply chain issues

2)   Stock – secure the required level of safety stock needed for continuous supply for 3 months or more

3)   Consider your options – discuss all of your purchasing options with your distributor, including the ability to use manufacturers and distributors to design-in components

4)   Alternative components – being able to use alternative components for your project is becoming increasingly important, speak to your distributor and ask them to recommend mechanically interchangeable devices

5)   Check stock lists – look for a component partner that has sufficient stock of the devices you need. When your distributor doesn’t have the parts you need in stock, search for another stockist that does, ensuring they are an authorised channel.

6)   Forecast your demand – share your annual forecast with your distributor, this will enable them to plan and secure the stock you need, at the best possible price

7)   Technical support – an experienced engineering team will help provide the technical support you require and will have the ability to modify designs to accept alternatives when supply is limited


Above all, building strong relationships with key suppliers and those suppliers that have medical certifications will provide additional options for when stock is unavailable.

GD Rectifiers partners with the world’s leading electronic component manufacturers such as IXYS and Semikron to provide customers with a one-stop technical shop that meets all of their product needs. We offer an extensive range of semiconductors, circuit protection devices, passive components, magnetic transducers and wound products, renewable energy and solar devices, traction converters and subsystems, heatsinks and power assemblies.


Our range of products and services are second to none and we’re proud of our unique engineering expertise and exceptional customer service. From enquiry to selection and aftercare, our customers have direct contact with our experienced sales team. We deliver procurement solutions designed to help save our customers time and money.

For further information on our product range visit our website here, or to discuss your requirements with our team please call: 01444 243 452 or email:


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