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March 2017 – GD Rectifiers’ Heatsink Products

Published on: 07/03/2017

Shop our extensive range of heatsink products and thermal management solutions

GD Rectifiers Heatsinks


GD Rectifiers is the UK’s leading manufacturers of standard and customised thermal management solutions. We provide a wide range of products to suit all projects, budgets and lead times.

GD Rectifiers are experts in thermal management, standard & custom made heatsinks, cold plates, liquid cooling solutions and thermal assemblies. Offering an extensive range of air cooled and aluminium heatsinks, we have a wide selection of high quality heatsinks readily available in stock at unbeatable prices and offer a next day delivery service.


Extensive Range of Heatsink Products

Heatsink Extrusion

At GD Rectifiers, we’re one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of aluminium heatsinks, aluminium extrusions and profiles to all market sectors. Offering a comprehensive range of industry standard and custom designed aluminium heatsinks which can be cut to length blanks through to fully machined and finished ready to use heatsinks. We are experts in heatsink extrusions and specialise in the following heatsink types: stud device heatsinks, small isolated device and LED heatsinks, medium isolated device and LED heatsinks, high efficiency solid fin large module device and LED lighting heatsinks, high efficiency hollow fin large isolated device heatsinks and capsule device heatsinks.

We have a team of highly experienced engineers that design and create aluminium profile solutions. We work with customers to offer advice on alloy requirements and the best extrusion shapes and sizes to produce an aluminium profile which meets their your exact requirements.


Forced Air Cooled Heatsinks

GD Rectifiers offer a large range of forced air cooled heatsinks which are available for studs or modules, SKiiP or modules, capsules or isolated base modules.

Module Device Fan Cooled Heatsinks Datasheets






Large Module Device Fan Cooled Heatsinks Datasheets




Water/Oil Cooled Heatsinks and Cold Plates

GD Rectifiers offer a wide range of high quality, cost effective water coolers for isolated base thyristor, diode and IGBT modules. The water/oiled cooled heatsinks and cold plates are easily mounted for interconnection in to various power circuit formats and are available with or without water connectors and high quality tubing. GD Rectifiers offer a range of custom-built cold plates for cooling both isolated modules and capsule devices. By working closely with customers, we are able to produce highly efficient coolers in the most compact areas of operation. With their innovative machining techniques, we are able to produce the most cost effective cooling solutions for both oil and water devices.

View the complete Water/Oil Cooled Datasheet here


CNC Machining

GD Rectifiers offer a precision CNC machining and milling service, we have dedicated CNC machinery which is used purely for machining heatsink to bespoke outlines specified by customers. No matter how complicated the design, GD Rectifiers’ machines are able to skim, drill and tap any heatsink from our range.

Watch GD Rectifiers’ YouTube Video on CNC Machining here


Clamps for Capsules

GD Rectifiers stock a large selection of clamps for capsules which are used in our assemblies. GD Rectifiers have the ability to increase or decrease the clamping forces which the clamps exert, making them highly suited for a wider range of capsules. GD Rectifiers offers the following capsule types: box clamp style, bar clamp and spring bar clamp.

View Clamp Mounting Instructions here



GD Rectifiers stock a wide range of Busbar Insulators which are used to mount power fuses and heatsinks that require high mechanical strength, low tracking index and voltage insulation.

View the Busbar Insulator Datasheet here


AC & DC Axial Fans

At GD Rectifiers, we are a dedicated manufacturer of AC & DC Fans, designing and building standard axial fans for engine cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration markets all over the UK. The AC and DC fans are comprised of various blade and hub configurations based on each applications performance requirements. Our extensive range of AC and DC fans include: axial fans, centrifugal double inlet fans and centrifugal backward curved fans.

View the full range of AC & DC Axial Fans here


Thermal Compound

Application of thermal paste is essential to keep the processor cool, GD Rectifiers stocks thermal compound SCX-13 which contains prime grade zinc and is formulated with 50% metallic zinc to create a compound that enhances electrical and thermal conductivity when used on high power jointing, heatsink, crimp connections and stud bolt mountings.

View the SCX-13 Datasheet here


For further information on all GD Rectifiers products click here or contact the team on: 01444 243 452 /

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