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February 2020 – GD Rectifiers offers subcontracting services

Published on: 14/02/2020

GD Rectifiers is now available for subcontracting work, no matter how big or small your project is

Subcontracting services by GD Rectifiers

Subcontracting Services designed to suit you

Subcontracting work is usually a cost effective way to win new and repeat business, it enables companies to keep their costs and overheads down, whilst providing an extra service that they cannot provide through production constraints or do not have the equipment or machinery in place to offer such services.


Customers often look for support from a subcontractor when their production team is running out of capacity. This works well when a new job is ordered or for short term busy periods. It’s always best to test the market and adapt to the demand long term rather than recruit a larger team based from one enquiry or order that could eventually materialise in to not being regular requirement, allowing outsourcing to take the strain of investment.


GD Rectifiers offers a wide range of subcontracting services, from CNC machining to heatsink and power assembly manufacture. They are not only available for large order quantities; they are happy to support small quantities too.


GD Rectifiers work as an extension to your business, they can provide cost effective solutions for the urgent required jobs that customers do not have the time or equipment to fulfil.


Alongside their manufacturing facility, they are also available to help support with sourcing electronic components, in particular, semiconductors, surge arresters, circuit protection devices, fuses and solar protection devices.

They are also able to source replacements for obsolete semiconductors, fuses, surge arresters, EMI filters and other electronic components.


For further information on GD Rectifiers capabilities, or to discuss your subcontracting requirements, please call GD Rectifiers today on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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