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April 2017 – 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Distributors in 2017

Published on: 05/04/2017

The UK’s leading distributor, GD Rectifiers talks about the benefits of using official distributors in 2017

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Today, with increasing pressure on time-to-market, design engineers don’t have the time to spend with multiple FAEs like they did 20 years ago. Open Source hardware and software has freed design engineers from being limited to a few suppliers. Instead, multiple technologies and approaches can be evaluated using cost effective and simple-to-use development kits and tools, often supplied by a third party partner to a device maker. Whilst the structure of design engineering has positively changed, the engineers require a different type of support.

With their focus on design engineering, distributors work hard to understand client needs and have endless access to products around the globe from the World’s leading manufacturers, making them the preferred method to buying electronic components.


10 Reasons why you should use Distributors right now 

1. Get the right product at the right price

Distributors are able to buy components in bulk and secure the best possible pricing from manufacturers, and in most cases they receive supported pricing on the product range if they are an official distributor. Distributors have good relationships with product and inventory teams to ensure they have access to the full product range, including upcoming product launches and that they can get the best prices and lead times for them. GD Rectifiers tend to hold a large range of everyday components in stock so that they can pull orders from their shelves quickly enabling the customer to have a next day delivery option.


2. Receive dedicated customer service and account management

Distributors offer a seamless customer service process from the quote right the way through to delivery. GD Rectifiers keep clients up to date on industry news and developments such as obsolete and replacement parts, account information such as product advice and estimated delivery dates and will follow up on performance once the project is complete.


3. Use your distributor as a knowledge centre

Engineers need distributors that provide devices and the design ecosystem including: tools, development kits and modules required to implement solutions. Engineers also need distributors that can provide the knowledge and sometimes the inspiration that will help them find the best approach, the best technology and the best price. GD Rectifiers works closely with engineers, buyers and purchasers to share their knowledge and experience within the industry, they offer technical advice 24/7 and can build customised designs to meet specific requirements.


4. Wide Product Range

Distributors stock and have access to a wide range of products from the world’s largest manufacturers. They are often referred to as a ‘one stop shop’ because ordering through one is easy, time and cost efficient and speeds up the products time-to-market. GD Rectifiers stock over 1,000 products which are readily available in their warehouse on a next day delivery and has access to the world’s leading products on short lead times.


5. Personalised experience

Distributors create a personalised experience for clients by offering product suggestions, alternatives for obsolete parts or higher efficiency parts to increase performance. GD Rectifiers also reminds clients that their call-off order is running low so they know when to top up and when they can buy their products at the best price.


6. Improved communication

Distributors act as a middleman for engineers, buyers and purchasers, they are tasked with sourcing the products at the best prices with the fastest lead time which allows Buyers to focus on other elements of their role. GD Rectifiers are great communicators, they are in constant communication with the OEMs and work closely with clients to keep them informed of any progress.


7. Purchasing Solutions

Distributors have a wide range of knowledge and can provide purchasing solutions to the industry. They can design custom solutions, they can offer technical advice on projects and they can offer more suitable parts within budget. GD Rectifiers acts as your personal shopper, guaranteeing you get the best possible price and provides guidance and support every step of the way.


8. Added Value

By using a distributor as a one stop shop, it provides a client with more buying power, they are able to negotiate further discounts because of the volume of stock that is being ordered. GD Rectifiers allow customers to have a call-off order meaning that the distributor will hold the stock over a certain period of time so that the client can take the products in smaller drops.


9. Time to market counts

Distributors move quickly, they speak to the manufacturers daily to ensure they are being quoted the best possible price so they are able to provide a real-time quote as and when the customer initially makes their request. The quoting process can usually take 2-3 days factoring in busy schedules and time differences across the multiple countries. GD Rectifiers keeps customers in the loop at all stages, ensuring they guarantee customers the best possible solution.


10. Extension to your business

Distributors work as an extension to your business, with their knowledge and expertise they are able to secure the best price, lead-time and product at your disposal. GD Rectifiers has an extensive black book of customers, suppliers and manufacturers that they work with providing further business opportunities within the industry.


GD Rectifiers is a Global Manufacturer and Distributor of products, services and solutions to commercial and industrial users of power electronic components. GD Rectifiers has over 50 years of extensive experience across a large range of markets, specialising in new and current technologies for industrial power control applications. An extensive product offering has built GD Rectifiers exceptional reputation as the go-to power specialist with innovative experience across: Aviation, Automotive, Rail, Medical, Industrial and Electronics markets.


GD Rectifiers are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company that design and develop bespoke power semiconductor assemblies to control voltage, current and frequency for international industrial markets.


For further information on all GD Rectifiers products click here or contact the team on 01444 243 452 /

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