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September 2018 – Eaton’s Bussmann series electric vehicle fuses allow drivers to go further faster

Published on: 26/09/2018

Discover the new Bussmann series range of electric vehicle fuses



 Eaton Bussmann Electric Vehicle Fuses by GD Rectifiers


In August 2016 Eaton announced the release of its new Bussmann™ series electric vehicle (EV) fuses designed to provide superior circuit protection while incorporating innovative technologies that promote a vehicle with higher performance and longer range.


Electric Vehicle Fuses

The fuses are specifically designed to protect sensitive electric and hybrid automotive equipment, including high voltage, high capacity batteries, power conversion equipment, contactors, cabling and other auxiliary circuits – enhancing electrical system safety and reducing potential warranty costs.

With protection as low as 135 percent of rated current, Bussmann™ series EV fuses can protect a wider range of overcurrent conditions while avoiding nuisance operations associated with cycling fatigue. Additionally, the fuses are engineered with a 20 kilo ampere (kA) interrupting rating to enable longer vehicle range by protecting higher capacity and more efficient batteries with higher fault currents.

The compact and lightweight Bussmann™ series EV fuse design requires up to 48 percent less space and weighs up to 50 percent less when compared with traditional high speed fuses used for electric vehicles. This compact form factor also helps achieve longer vehicle range by enabling smaller assemblies and improved energy efficiency.

The fuses feature an 11 percent higher voltage rating than the Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation (JASO) D622 specification to help eliminate the need to redesign or revalidate circuit protection as battery systems develop and are optimised for higher voltages. Through robust quality planning and design tools, the new series of EV fuses are also engineered to the principles of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) processes.

The fusible solutions are available in three bolt-on case sizes to protect high power battery charging and management systems up to 500 volts direct current (Vdc) in ratings from 50 to 400 amps. Compact 10×38 mm fuses are also available to protect auxiliary electrical systems up to 500 Vdc in ratings that span 5 to 50 amps and feature four termination styles to match application needs.

For EV circuit protection requirements above 500 volts, Eaton has the expertise to design and tailor specific solutions to meet application needs. High performance fuses with ratings over 1000 Vdc and 1000 amps are available to cover virtually any electrical requirements within an electric or hybrid vehicle. These fuses can be designed to meet unique requirements, including shock and vibration, mounting requirements, high temperature performance, or other parameters.

From low voltage hybrid to heavy duty commercial, Eaton’s complete portfolio of EV fuses provides the protection and innovation tomorrow’s electric vehicles demand.

To learn more about Eaton Bussmann’s range of EV fuses, please contact GD Rectifiers today on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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