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Low Voltage UL and CSA Branch Circuit Fuses

Eaton’s Bussmann Series manufactures over 50,000 part numbers covering extensive circuit protection solutions for a wide range of applications including: residential, industrial, motor protection, power conversion, distribution, telecommunications, electronics and automotive.

Bussmann Low Voltage UL, CSA Branch Circuit Fuses by GD Rectifiers

Bussmann’s low voltage fuse range offers time-delay, fast-acting, finger-safe and rejection type fuses. The low voltage fuses are used in a large array of applications including specialised circuits, industrial control, small control transformers, electrical panelboards, machinery disconnects and isolated in-line fuse holders.

View the Low Voltage UL & Branch Circuit Fuses Catalogue here.


Class CC

Bussmann Low Voltage Class CC Fuses

FNQ-R Limitron – 600Vac, 300Vdc, 1/4-30A Datasheet

KTK-R Limitron – 600Vac (or less), 1/10–30A Datasheet

LP-CC Low Peak – 600Vac/300Vdc, 1/2-30A Datasheet


Class CF CUBEFuse

Bussmann Low Voltage CF CUBEFuse Fuses

Fast-acting CUBEFuse – 600Vac/dc, 1-100A Datasheet

Time-delay CUBEFuse – 600Vac (or less), 300 Vdc (or less), 1-100A Datasheet

Wind CUBEFuse – 690Vac, 1-100A Datasheet


Class G

Bussmann Low Voltage Class G Fuses

600Vac/170Vdc (1/2-20A)

480Vac/300Vdc (25-60A)



Class J

Bussmann Low Voltage Class J Fuses

DFJ Drive Fuses – 600Vac (or less), 450Vdc (or less 15,600A), 1-600A Datasheet

JKS Limitron Fast Acting – 600Vac, 1-600A, up to 60A Datasheet, 70-600A Datasheet

LPJ-SP Low-peak – 600Vac, 300Vdc, 1-600A 1-60A Datasheet, 70-600A Datasheet


Class K5 and H

Bussmann Low Voltage K5 and H Fuses

NON 250Vac, 125Vdc (1/8-100A)

NOS 600Vac




Class L

Bussmann Low Voltage Class L Fuses

KLU Limitron – 600Vac, 601-4000A Datasheet

KRP-C-SP Low-peak – 600Vac, 300Vdc, 601-6000A 601-2000A Datasheet, 2001-6000A Datasheet

KRP-CL – 600Vac (or less), 225-600A Datasheet

KTU Limitron – 600Vac, 601-6000A Datasheet


Class RK1

Bussmann Low Voltage Class RK1 Fuses

KTN-R Limitron – 250Vac, 1-600A Datasheet

KTS-R Limitron – 600Vac, 1-600A Datasheet

KWN-R and KWS-R Limitron – 250Vac/dc (KWN-R), 600Vac (KWS-R), 1-60A Datasheet

LPN-RK and LPS-RK Low-peak

LPN-RK: 250V - up to 60A, 250Vdc (70-600A)

LPS-RK: 600Vac - 0-60A, 600Vac - 70-600A


Class RK5

Bussmann Low Voltage Class RK5 Fuses

FRN-R Fusetron – 250Vac, 250Vdc (225-600A), 125Vdc (1/10-60A & 110-220A)

FRS-R Fusetron – 600Vac, 300Vdc (1/10-30A & 65-600A), 250Vdc (35-60A)


Class T

Bussmann Low Voltage Class T Fuses

JJN Limitron –300Vac (1-10A), 300Vac/160Vdc (15-600A), 300Vac/170Vdc (700-1200A) Datasheet

JJS Limitron – 600Vac, 1-800A Datasheet


Plug Fuses

Bussmann Low Voltage Plug Fuses

MB – 125Vac only, 15-20A Catalogue Details

P and TC – 125Vac or less, 15-30A Datasheet, TC Datasheet

S and T – 125Vac, S Series: 1/4-30A, T Series: 3/10-30A S Datasheet, T Datasheet

SL and TL – 125Vac, 15-30A SL Datasheet, TL Datasheet

W – 125Vac, 1/4-12A Datasheet

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Eaton Bussmann

Eaton Bussmann are a division of Cooper Industries and are a leading Manufacturer of Circuit Protection Solutions. They manufacture a wide range of Circuit Protection Fuses, Microswitches and Trip Indicators.

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