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DS35-16A HT

DS35-16A Rectifier Diode 1600V, 49A

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The DS35-16A is a standard rectifier diode rated 1600V and 49A.

  • International standard package
  • Planar glassivated chips
  • Improved temperature and power cycling
  • Reduced protection circuits
  • Simple mounting

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Offering a broad range of rectifier diodes in various packages and ratings, these devices are commonly used for rectifying 50 or 60 Hz main currents. The DS35-16A rectifier diode is ideally suited to line frequency applications including input rectifiers for variable speed drives, traction converters, trackside substations, welding and DC power supplies.

RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications

  • Line frequency applications
  • Input rectifiers for variable speed drives
  • Traction converters
  • Trackside substations
  • Welding
  • DC power supplies

Refer to manufacturer’s datasheet for full technical information.
Images are for reference only, see product specifications for full details.

RoHS Compliant



, , , , ,

Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage (VRRM)


Maximum Average Forward Current IF(AV)M


Maximum Peak Surge Current (IFSM)


Maximum Surge Reverse Power Dissipation (PRSM)


Value for Fusing (I2t)

2100 A2s

Virtual Junction Temperature (TVJ)

-40°C to +180°C



Product Type

Rectifier Diode


RoHS Compliant

IXYS Corporation is a global manufacturer of power semiconductors and power modules, based in Colorado, USA.

IXYS is a pioneering manufacturer of semiconductor and IC technology, with a heritage spanning back twenty-five years, they now have over 125 patents and innovations across their extensive product range. The comprehensive product portfolio includes: reverse blocking IGBTs, MOSFET gate drivers, diodes, thyristors, thyristor/diode modules, rectifiers and fast recovery diodes.

IXYS comprises of three divisions: IXYS Corporation, IXYS IC (Clare) and IXYS Colorado. IXYS Corporation is one of the world’s leading power semiconductor manufacturers, they offer a comprehensive range of MOSFETs, Fast Recovery Diodes (FREDs), SCR and Diode Modules, RF Systems, Rectifiers, Power Interface ICs, IGBTs and Thyristors, in discrete and integrated power modules.

The IXYS IC division designs and produces SOI base HVIC’s flexible display drivers, driver IC’s, optically isolated drivers, solid state relays (SSR), isolated AC switches, ocptocouplers, photovoltaic chips and ASIC’s.

IXYS Colorado formerly manufactured Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave Discrete Semiconductor products, including: RF Amplifiers, RF MOSFETs, Hybrid Modules, RF Drivers and Gunn Diodes. These products are now obsolete but please contact GD Rectifiers if you are require parts from the RF range.

IXYS Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits and RF Systems are used across numerous applications in the transportation, medical, industrial, telecommunications and computing industries. IXYS’ semiconductors generate clean energy, control motors, improve automation, improve medical equipment and electrifies transportation.

IXYS: A Littelfuse Technology

IXYS is a world leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, their product range includes: IGBTs, MOSFETs, thyristors, diodes and semiconductor accessories. IXYS is now part of Littelfuse. Together, IXYS and Littelfuse leverage their combined technology portfolios and expertise to enhance customer value.

Learn more about IXYS products by getting in touch with GD Rectifiers.




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