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October 2016 – Mersen Fuses: The Complete Range

Published on: 31/10/2016

Mersen fuses provide innovative designs in electrical power and advanced materials


Mersen Fuses


Mersen, formerly Ferraz Shawmut, is an expert in the safety and reliability of electrical equipment offering global electrical protection solutions such as Fuses, Fuse gear and Fuse systems.

Today, Mersen manufacture one of the world’s largest ranges of Fuses; Low Voltage IEC Fuses, Low Voltage UL/CSA Fuses, High Voltage IEC Fuses, Medium Voltage IEEE Fuses, Semiconductor Protection Fuses, Special Purpose Fuses, Miniature Fuses, Fuse Holders, Fuse Bases & Supports, IEC Fuse Switch Disconnectors and Bus Bar Systems, Fuse Rails and Accessories for Fuses & Fuse Systems.

Mersen provide the widest and most competitively priced range of circuit protection products in the industry.


Mersen Fuses

Low Voltage IEC Fuses

This range includes: IEC Cylindrical Fuse-Links, DIN LV Fuse-Links D, DIN LV Fuse-Links D0 and IEC NH Fuse-Links

Mersen Low Voltage IEC Fuses

Low Voltage UL/CSA Fuses

This range includes: Midget fuses, Class CC, Class RK1, Class RK5, Class J, Class L, Class K5, Class T, Class G, Class H, Renewable Fuses, HRC Fuses and Plug Fuses.


Mersen Low Voltage UL/CSA Fuses


High Voltage IEC Fuses

This range includes: DIN HV Back-up Fuses for Motors, DIN HV Back-up Fuses for Transformers and NF/UTE HV Back-up Fuses for Transformers.

Mersen High Voltage IEC Fuses

Medium Voltage IEEE Fuses

This range includes: Intelligent Fuse Technology, General Purpose Ferrule Mount Fuses for Transformer Protection, General Purpose Bolt-On Fuses for Transformer Protection, General Purpose Clip-Lock Fuses for Transformer Protection.


Mersen Medium Voltage IEEE Fuses


Semiconductor Protection Fuses

This range includes: Square Body High-Speed Fuse-Links AC Protection, Round Body High-Speed Fuse Links AC Protection, IEC High-Speed Cylindrical Fuse-Links AC Protection, British Standard High-Speed Fuse-Links AC Protection, High Performance Square Body Fuse-Links AC Protection, Square Body High-Speed Fuse-Links DC Protection, IEC High-Speed Cylindrical Fuse-Links DC Protection and IEC High-Speed D & D0 Fuse-Links AC-DC Protection.

Mersen Semiconductor Protection Fuses


Special Purpose Fuses

This range includes: Photovoltaic Fuses, Cable Protector, DC Fuses, Forklift Truck Fuses, Telecommunications Fuses, Welder Protectors, Capacitor Fuses and European Fuse-Links for Special Applications.

Mersen Special Purpose Fuses


Miniature Fuses 

This range includes miniature: Semiconductor Protection Fuses, Automotive Fuses and Radial Micro Fuses.

Mersen Miniature Fuses

Fuse Holders, Fuse Bases & Supports

This range includes: IEC Cylindrical Fuse Holders, UL/CSA Fuse Holders, UL/CSA Fuse Bases, IEC NH Fuse Bases, IEC D0 & D Fuse Bases, IEEE MV Fuse Supports, Semiconductor & Special Purpose Fuse Bases & Accessories, Miniature Fuse Bases & Holders and Fuse Clips.


Mersen Fuse Holders, Fuse Bases & Supports


IEC Fuse Switch Disconnectors

This range includes: D0 Fuse Combination Units, NH Fuse Switch Disconnector and NH Vertical Fuse Switch Disconnector.

Mersen IEC Fuse Switch Disconnectors

Bus Bar Systems

This range includes: Components for 60mm systems, 100mm systems and 185mm systems.

Mersen Bus Bar Systems

Fuse Rails

This range includes IEC NH Fuse Rails: BSL Size 00 160A, 690VAC and BSL NH Fuse Rails: Size 1, 250A; Size 2, 400A; Size 3, 630A; 690VAC.

 Mersen Fuse Rails

Accessories for Fuses & Fuse Systems 

This range includes: Microswitches, IEC Solid Links UL Neutral Links, Hardware, Blown Fuse Indicators, Box Covers Units, Fuse Pullers/Clip Clamps, Fuse Reducers and Wiring Bus Bars.

Mersen Accessories for Fuses & Fuse Systems

GD Rectifiers are a leading distributor for Mersen / Ferraz Shawmut Fuses, Fuse gear and Fuse Systems.

Shop GD Rectifiers’ range of Mersen Fuses here, to view the complete range of Mersen Fuses, view the Mersen catalogue here. GD Rectifiers have access to Mersen’s complete range of fuses, please contact us for competitive pricing.

For further information on all Mersen products please call our friendly sales team on: 01444 243 452 or email your enquiry to:



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