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May 2020 – Bussmann’s Compact Circuit Protector Brochure

Published on: 26/05/2020

Learn more about the features and benefits of Bussmann’s fuses in their Compact Circuit Protector Brochure

Bussmann's Compact Circuit Protector Brochure by GD Rectifiers

Compact Circuit Protector Brochure

Bussmann’s application note brochure explains the Compact Circuit Protectors (CCP2) use and application in equipment such as industrial control panels, industrial machinery and HVAC equipment. The CCP2 is a fusible disconnect switch featuring the industry’s smallest footprint.

Download Bussmann’s Compact Circuit Protectors Brochure here.


The CCP2 is available in three basic variations:

  • Class CC fuse
  • Class CF CUBEFuse
  • UL Supplemental or IEC 10×38


There are many possible considerations for selecting a disconnecting means and overcurrent protection for industrial control panel applications.

The most important considerations depend upon the specific application for initial and possible future installations.


The CCP2 offers:

  • Enhanced short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) up to 200kA
  • High interrupting ratings (IR), up to 300kA
  • Superior component protection
  • Improved reliability
  • Application flexibility with rotary operators and accessories
  • Smaller size compared to traditional rated fusible switches
  • Lower cost and similar size compared to equivalent molded case circuit breakers


Features and Benefits of the CCP2

Attribute  Features Benefits
Smaller Up to 69% smaller footprint than traditional fused disconnects Space-saving design for reduced cost
3% smaller footprint than equivalent rated industrial molded case circuit breaker up to 100A
Simpler All versions
DIN-Rail mounted up to 100A
Local open-fuse indication
Load-break disconnect rated
Lockout/tagout provisions
Finger-safe – IP20 compliant with 10 AWG or larger conductors
CCP2-Class CC or CCP2-Class CF CUBEFuse
UL 98 Listed and cULus to Canadian Standard 22.2 No. 4-04 Suitable for use on main, feeder, branch and motor circuits
Horsepower rated
2- and 3-pole 30A Class CC version and 30 to 400A Class CF CUBEFuse version straight voltage rated up to 600Vac Suitable for use on any low voltage AC system (solidly grounded, resistance grounded, corner grounded or ungrounded)
200kA SCCR Highest possible SCCR
Accepts only Class CC fuses or CUBEFuses Rejects fuses with lower voltage and interrupting ratings
Excellent current-limiting overcurrent protection Increased component SCCR combination ratings, helps reduce arc flash hazard
Up to 125Vdc Greater application flexibility
30A, 240 Vac or less (voltage and SCCR varies with installed midget fuse)
UL 508 Listed and cULus manual motor controller Flexibility of use for IEC applications or UL supplemental protection applications
32A, 690Vac or less (voltage and SCCR varies installed midget fuse)
IEC 60947-3 AC-23A with 32A Am or 25A gG IEC fuse
Better Higher ratings: voltage, interrupting and SCCR Ease of design, flexibility of use and reduced misapplications
Increased component protection Enhanced safety and equipment SCCR
Accessories – auxiliary contacts, PLC fuse monitor, multi-wire lugs, rotary operators, NFPA 79 handles. Ease of identification of switch and/or fuse status. Space savings (eliminates separate PDB). Through-door and through-side operation. Code compliance.


GD Rectifiers has been an official distributor for Bussmann’s fuses for over ten years and stocks their complete range of fuses, including but not limited to: battery storage fuse links, high speed fuses, high voltage fuses, IEC and British Standard fuses, Industrial fuses, low voltage UL and CSA branch circuit fuses, medium voltage fuses and square body fuses.


For further information on Bussmann’s range of fuses, please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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