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February 2022 – Enerdoor’s CE Compliance Testing and Conducted Emissions

Published on: 28/02/2022

Introducing Enerdoor’s CE Compliance testing service

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CE certification is required when machines ship overseas and did you know that more than 50% of machines fail first time EMC testing?

Enerdoor’s latest YouTube video explains high frequency electrical emissions related to CE compliance testing with a focus on conducted emissions.


GD Rectifiers is the UK’s official Enerdoor Distributor, providing customers with electromagnetic solutions for automated and industrial machinery. GD Rectifiers offers Enerdoor’s comprehensive range of: DC filters, harmonic filters, line reactors, motor protection, parallel filters, power factor correction, surge arresters, voltage stabilisers, EMI filters, RFI filters and EMC filters.


For further information on CE, EMC, motor protection or harmonic solutions, please contact GD Rectifiers on: or call: 01444 243 452.

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