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September 2020 – Parallel Filters by GD Rectifiers

Published on: 18/09/2020

Discover our comprehensive range of parallel filters

Enerdoor FIN130SP Blue Parallel Filters

Parallel filters provide high attenuation in the frequency range of 10kHz to 5MHz, providing a solution for applications with low frequency problems. When used in conjunction with an Enerdoor filter series, this combination ensures RF protection for equipment in any environment.


Parallel Filters

GD Rectifiers partners with Enerdoor to offer their parallel filter series, a unique solution available with nominal voltage up to 750Vac and handles any current level due to the parallel nature. These filters are available in 3-phase and 3-phase plus neutral, are UL recognised and feature DIN rail mounting allowing for fast and easy installation.

This series works in the frequency range of 10kHz to 6MHz, offering a solution for applications with low frequency concerns and is available in a compact, din-rail or panel mount package.

Enerdoor’s most prominent parallel filters are: FIN230SP and FIN730 and the difference between the two is the attenuation loss and frequency resonance.

The FIN230SP parallel filter is the most general-purpose filter recommended by Enerdoor for OEM equipment and ranges from 70kHz to 6MHz. The FIN730 parallel filter is a specific design for regenerated systems and OEM equipment and is best utilised in the low frequency range of 10kHz to 4MHz.

Enerdoor’s parallel filters provide protection for variable frequency drives, SCR, controllers, and other electric equipment.



1)   An ideal solution for OEMS using VFDs and servo drives in markets not governed by strict and specific electrical standards

2)   OEMs needing to protect equipment from unexpected noise at the end user facility

3)   System integrators that are aware of noise in the field and want to minimise the risk of equipment malfunction

4)   End users of radio frequency products – including hospitals and large industrial plants where interference can compromise and affect sensing devices

5)   Enerdoor’s parallel filters are used in conjunction with their EMI-RFI filters, building one filter to protect the entire system


GD Rectifiers is the UK’s only official distributor for The Enerdoor Group, offering their comprehensive range of DC filters, harmonic filters, motor protection, parallel filters, power factor correction, surge arresters, voltage stabilisers and EMI-RFI filters.


For further information on Enerdoor’s product range or to discuss your requirements in further detail, please call GD Rectifiers today on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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