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KONČAR is a leading manufacturer of electric equipment and electro-energetic plant. They specialise in the development and engineering of railway equipment, they produce KONTRAC traction converters which are developed, designed and built for very demanding on-board railway applications.

KONTRAC traction converters include propulsion converters (KONTRAC GP series) and auxiliary converters (KONTRAC PN series) for installation on locomotives, light-weight vehicles such as trams, electric and diesel-electric multiple units and passenger's coaches. Alongside complete traction converters they are also able to offer subsystems for traction converters, including Power Electronic Building Blocks.


Power Electronic Building Blocks - KONTRAC PS800 

KONCAR Power Electronic Building Block

The KONTRAC PS800 is a liquid cooled power electronic building block designed for propulsion converters in traction applications. It can be used in either a one or two phase leg configuration and can be used as part of multiple applications such as line converter, motor inverter, step up/down choppers and brake-chopper.

The building block concept leads to reduction of size, weight and costs, it enables compact and light-weight traction converter design.



- Latest IGBT technology (same layout for 4.5 and 6.5kV IGBT modules)

- Single or parallel connected IGBT modules

- Liquid cooled

- Low inductive bus-bars

- High voltage insulated DC/DC power supply

- Galvanic isolation via fiber optic

- Slide-in electrical connection to DC link

- Easy maintenance

View the KONTRAC PS800 Brochure here



KONČAR is a leading manufacturer of electric equipment and electro-energetic plant. They specialise in development, engineering, production, testing and maintenance of industrial electronic devices and systems. 

Their production program includes - converters and control systems for railway vehicles, DC and AC UPS, static excitation systems for synchronous machines, ripple control systems, protection relays, electric measurements devices and systems, process informatics, electronic modules production and switches, transformer and reactor production and mechanical parts production.

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