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W1524LC300 In stock

W1524LC300 Rectifier Diode 3000V, 1524A

The W1524LC300 is a capsule type rectifier diode has a voltage of 3000V and a current of 1524A.

  • Low conduction losses
  • High temperature alloyed die construction
  • Low thermal impedance
  • High overload capacity
  • Low temperature sintering technology and improved package design
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Product Details

The rectifier diode offers class leading performance and reliability, devices are optimised to provide low conduction losses and are ideally suited to line frequency applications up to 400Hz.

RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications

  • Input rectifiers for variable speed drives
  • Traction converters
  • Trackside substations
  • Welding and DC power supplies

Refer to manufacturer’s datasheet for full technical information.

RoHS CompliantREACH Compliant



, , ,

Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage (VRRM)


Maximum Surge Forward Current (IFSM)


Value for Fusing (I2t)

0.8 x 106 A2s

RMS Forward Current (IFRMS)


Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (VRSM)


DC Forward Current, Tsink = 25°C IF(d.c.)


Maximum Peak Forward Voltage (VFM)


Thermal Resistance Junction to Heatsink (RthJK) Double side cooled

0.033 K/W

Operating Temperature Range (TJ op)

-30°C to +160°C

Threshold Voltage (VT0)


Maximum Repetitive Reverse Current (IRRM)


Product Type

Rectifier Diode Capsule Rectifier Diode


RoHS Compliant

IXYS UK Westcode is one the of the UK’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. Formerly known as Westcode, they launched the world’s first commercial rectifier in the early 1920’s. Westcode was acquired by IXYS Corporation in 2002, and shortly after changed its name to IXYS UK Westcode. Today, they manufacture high power thyristor capsules (GTO, fast & standard recovery), diode capsules (fast & standard recovery) and IGBT capsules.

As IXYS UK Westcode’s Official UK Distributor, we stock Europe’s largest range of IXYS UK’s semiconductors, fuses and capacitors. The company provide a large range fuses offering fast-acting, ultra rapid protection against device rupture and external short circuits. IXYS UK’s range of fuses feature proven advanced technology to international standards and are UL recognised. IXYS UK Westcode offer a range of power electronic capacitors to suit almost any application from filtering and smoothing DC voltages to GTO/IGBT snubber circuits and medium frequency applications.

One of the industries leading power semiconductor manufacturers, IXYS UK Westcode supplies high technology components to a wide range of applications, including: welding, AC and DC drives, rectifier supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, motor soft starts, transportation, induction heating and power conditioning.

IXYS UK Westcode

IXYS UK Westcode, formerly Westcode Semiconductors has been at the forefront of power semiconductor design. Supporting a truly worldwide and diverse market place, IXYS UK Westcode has evolved in to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high power semiconductors.

IXYS UK Westcode is now part of Littelfuse. Together, IXYS and Littelfuse will leverage their combined technology portfolios and expertise to enhance customer value.

Learn more about IXYS UK Westcode products by getting in touch with GD Rectifiers.




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