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FF02P2104P81293 FINFF 3% Line Reactor 230 Vac

The FF02P2104P81293 is a FINFF 3% impedance, 230Vac line reactor and features high attenuation of current distortion and overvoltage spikes.

  • Rated current 4.6A
  • High differential mode attenuation
  • Terminal blocks up to 130A
  • Various connections available
  • Finger safe protection available

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Line reactors are used to protect motors and reduce power line distortion from variable frequency drives. Line reactors are used in a number of applications to extend the life of variable frequency drives and motors. The 3% impedance reactors are typically used for the line side of a drive while the 5% impedance reactors are generally used on the load side of the drive.

RoHS Compliant, CE Marked, UL1283, caRUus

Typical Applications

  • Wind power
  • Automation
  • Variable frequency drives/servo drives
  • Automated machinery
  • Industrial automation
  • Pumps

Refer to manufacturer’s datasheet for full technical information.

CE MarkedRoHS CompliantcaRUusUL1283



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caRUus, CE Marked, RoHS Compliant, UL1283

Voltage (Vac)


HP @ 230Vac


Rated Current 40°C


Potential Test Voltage Phase to Phase

2400 Vdc (2 sec.)

Potential Test Voltage Phase to Ground

3200 Vdc (2 sec)

Saturation Current

1.5 x In

Dielectric Strength


IP Protection

IP20 up to 180A IP00 over 180A

Climatic Class

-40°C to +85° C

MTBF at 40°C

250 Hrs

The Enerdoor Group is the industry’s international leader in the development and production of Electromagnetic Solutions for automated and industrial machinery.  Enerdoor provides a wide array of solutions for protection of machinery and equipment, CE approval and testing and elimination of noise, improved reliability and reduced downtime. The Enerdoor Group consists of: Eichhoff Elektro, FinMotor and FinLab which all sit under the parent company.

Renowned for it’s high quality and innovative solutions, Enerdoor manufactures an extensive range of EMI filters, RFI filters, motor protection, harmonic filters, line reactors, surge arresters, voltage stabilisers and customised solutions from their Head Offices in North America and Europe.

Enerdoor supply single phase, three phase and surge protection filters designed to reduce conducted electrical interference in control cabinets. Enerdoor has EMC laboratories in the United States, Germany and Switzerland.

Eichhoff’s manufacturing plant is based in Hungary and strongly focuses on product development and EMC measurement. Eichhoff Elektro has over 40 years experience in safety transformers and electronic ignition systems. They manufacture a wide range of: RFI Filters, Sinus Filters, Reactors, Transformers, PCB Transformers and Ignition Systems.

FinMotor’s manufacturing plant and EMC laboratory is based in Italy. FinMotor manufactures Enerdoor’s EMC Filters, High Frequency inductance and Harmonic Filters for the medical and military markets. They manufacture a wide range of RFI Filters, Passive Harmonic Filters, High Current Sinus Filters, High Frequency Impedances, Motor Protection and Snubbers.

FinLab’s laboratory is based in Milan and focuses on EMC measurement (certification, analysis, solutions and training), harmonic measurement (analysis, solutions and training), acoustic measurement, technical construction file and vibration measurements carried out in their anechoic room and mobile laboratories.


Enerdoor is part of The Enerdoor Group which consists of Enerdoor in North America and Europe; Finmotor and Finlab in Italy; and Eichhoff Elektro in Hungary.

The group is an international leader in the development and production of electromagnetic solutions for automated and industrial machinery.

The broad range of products include: EMI/RFI filters, motor protection, harmonic filters, line reactors, surge arresters, voltage stabilisers and customised solutions.

Learn more about Enerdoor products by getting in touch with GD Rectifiers.




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