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Custom AC Capacitors

Custom AC Capacitor, 0.05 to 5500 μF

We work with API to design custom AC capacitors that are suited to your application. We are able to custom design the current, voltage, size, mass and terminations of a capacitor.

  • Long life and high reliability
  • Controlled self-healing technology
  • Oil filled or dry resin filled
  • Metal or insulated cases
  • UV resistance, halogen free, low smoke and flame retardant materials

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We offer customers a unique and tailored way of buying power capacitors and are able to provide like-for-like replacements for older, phased out and obsolete designs.

Typical Applications

  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power Distribution sectors and other industrial applications

Refer to manufacturer’s datasheet for full technical information.



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API Capacitors are the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality power capacitors for power electronic applications. Their extensive product range includes: AC, DC, custom designed, track circuit, low temperature, snubber and energy storage capacitors.

API Capacitors has extensive experience in traction, industrial, energy, medical and military applications.

API Capacitors

API Capacitors is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality power capacitors for power electronic applications.
APIC’s extensive product range of filter, snubber and energy storage capacitors services the markets of traction, industrial drives, power conditioning and avionics, together with discharge capacitors for medical, plasma and pulsed power applications.

API Capacitors prides itself on working alongside its customers, tailoring the product correctly to its specific application so it performs exactly as required with total reliability.

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