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November 2016 – Eichhoff Elektro EMI Filters

Published on: 22/11/2016

Introducing GD Rectifiers’ extensive range of EMI filters

GD Rectifiers Eichhoff Elektro Products

The parent company of Eichhoff Elektro, The Enerdoor Group is an international leader in the development and production of power quality and electromagnetic solutions for automated machinery and industrial plants. The Group’s broad range of products include: EMI/ RFI filtersmotor protectionharmonic filters, line reactors, surge arrestersvoltage stabilisers, and customised solutions.

In addition to EMC filter solutions, Enerdoor has built a global distribution and research and development network that provides flat rate on-site CE Certification required by IEC and EN Standards.

GD Rectifiers stock the complete Eichhoff Elektro range of EMI Filters, which includes:


Ignition Systems

Eichhoff Elektro Ignition System

Enerdoor electronic ignition systems are ideal for cooking, baking and heating appliances. Features include: low power consumption, repetitive spark ignition, one to six ignition points, long life guaranteed semiconductors and fastons for mains and high voltage.

Enerdoor ignition transformers are ideal for gas and oil burners. Features include: high frequency ignition system, safe and stable ignition and quality based on individual testing.

View the full transformer brochure here.


Custom Filters

Eichhoff Elektro Custom Filter

Eichhoff Elektro can design and build custom filters for most applications. To discuss technical capabilities please contact / 01444 243 452.


Single Phase RFI Filter Models

Eichhoff Elektro Single Phase RFI Filter Model

The single-phase filter series offers a current range from 1 to 100A with nominal voltage up to 690 Vac. These filters guarantee high attenuation with compact mechanical dimensions.  Available with various connections such as: IEC plugs, fastons, terminal blocks, cables, and screws. Additional DIN rail mounting provides fast and easy installation into the enclosure.  For all models, a dedicated low leakage current solution is available for medical applications.


Three Phase EMI Filter Models

Eichhoff Elektro Three Phase EMI Filter Models

The three-phase filter series offers a current range from 1 to 3000A with nominal voltage up to 690 Vac. This series is one of the largest and most complete for solutions in the industrial automation industry. These filters provide high attenuation in a compact case with low leakage currents and are suitable for several industries.

Available with terminal block, cable, screw and bus bar connections and with finger safe protection for screw and bus bar options.  DIN rail mounting provides fast and easy installation into the enclosure.  Enerdoor offers solutions in traditional TN and TNS networks and in specific applications such as IT power line configurations. Customised voltage, current, connection, and attenuation solutions are available to satisfy various application needs.


Three Phase Plus Neutral EMI Filter Models

Eichhoff Elektro Three Phase Plus Neutral Filter

Eichhoff’s three-phase plus neutral filter series offers a current range from 1 to 2000A with nominal voltages up to 600 Vac. This series provides high attenuation in a compact case with low leakage current and is suitable for several industries.  Available with terminal block, cable, screw and bus bar connections and with finger safe protection for screw and bus bar options.  DIN rail mounting provides fast and easy installation into the enclosure.  Customised voltage, current, connection, and attenuation solutions are available to satisfy various application needs.


Parallel Filters

Eichhoff Elektro Parallel Filter

The parallel filter series is a unique solution available with nominal voltage up to 750 Vac and handles any current level due to the parallel nature. These filters are available in 3-phase and 3-phase plus neutral, are UL recognised and feature DIN rail mounting allowing for fast and easy installation.  Parallel filters provide high attenuation in the frequency range of 10 KHz to 5 MHz thus providing a solution for applications with low frequency problems. When used in conjunction with an Enerdoor filter series, this combination ensures RF protection for equipment in any environment.

The FIN730 and FIN740 filters reduce EMI interference in the 30 kHz to 10 MHz frequency range. The FIN230 filter has a resonance frequency of 150 kHz and provides a large interference reduction in the frequency range between 50 kHz and 5 MHz.  Enerdoor parallel filters provide protection for variable frequency drives, SCR, controllers, and other electric equipment.


DC Filters

Eichhoff Elektro DC Filter

DC Filters were designed specifically for the photovoltaic industry and offer a current range from 5 to 3000A with nominal voltage up to 1000 VDC. The FIN1220 and FIN1520 models, installed between PV inverters and solar panels, reduce EMI interference in the DC power line. The FIN1220.0V and FIN1520.0V models offer the possibility of ground connections separated from the virtual zero point. This is particularly useful for critical networks on the protective earth conductor.  Custom DC filters are available upon request, contact GD Rectifiers for more information.


Motor Protection Devices

Eichhoff Elektro Motor Protection

This series includes common mode and differential mode inductances, sine wave filters and snubbers designed to work with various frequency switches, output frequencies and applications.  The sine wave filter series reduces the pulse wave modulation (PWM) effect, converts the PWM to a sine wave and reduces dV/dt. The FIN915SF model is used with fundamental frequencies up to 2 kHz. The high frequency inductance FIN960F is a unique solution used for synchronous motor spindle applications.


Passive Harmonic Filters

Eichhoff Elektro Passive Harmonic Filter

Eichhoff Elektro offers a range of passive harmonic filters for harmonic currents available up to 300 A with voltage up to 480 Vac. The FINHRM and FINHRM2 passive harmonic filters offer different levels of attenuation to provide the market with the best compromise to meet the EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-12 and IEEE519 International Standards. Custom harmonic filters are available for voltage up to 690 Vac.


Active Harmonic Filters

Eichhoff Elektro Active Harmonic Filter

Over the last 20 years Eichhoff has developed the active harmonic filter series – the FINHRMAC and FINHRMA to solve harmonic disturbance and power quality issues by compensating current harmonics and power factor correction generated by industrial loads.


Medical & Military Filters

Eichhoff Elektro Medical & Military Filter

The medical filter series is designed to achieve a high level of shielding on protected environments. All models are characterized by high levels of attenuation above 100 dB. For each application, there are models suitable for filtering supply lines from 50 and 60 Hz from single phase to three phase, with currents up to hundreds of amps.  Additionally, filters for signal lines such as remote controls, lines connecting sound, video, telephony and digital signals are available.


Voltage Stabilisers

Eichhoff Elektro Voltage Stabiliser

Three-phase stabilisers are available in two versions: FINSTT and FINSTC. They both perform voltage regulation by an average of three phases and are suitable for lines with balanced voltage and for an unbalance between phases up to 50%. These models are equipped with one stabilising circuit to ensure a common regulation of the three-phase and may be connected to input mains without neutral.

View the full voltage stabiliser brochure here.


Surge Arresters

Eichhoff Elektro Surge Arrestor

The surge arrester series has been specifically designed to offer surge protection for electrical equipment. Surge arresters are installed at the front end of a system for the purpose of diverting harmful overvoltage transients caused by external (lightning) and/or internal (switching) events to ground safely. Also known as Surge Protection Device (SPD), or Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS), Enerdoor surge arresters protect against electrical transients resulting from lightning strikes that find their way onto electrical conductors.

All models include remote contact, visual indicator, and comply with the UL 1449, IEC 61643-11, and VDE 0675 International Standards. DIN rail or screw mounting options are available with select models offering plug and play replaceable cards for quick and easy installation and replacement.

View the surge arresters brochure here.

For further information on all EMC, EMI & RFI Filters please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 /




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