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June 2019 – Enerdoor’s New EMC Product Catalogue

Published on: 12/06/2019

Discover Enerdoor’s new EMC product catalogue today 

Enerdoor’s New EMC Product Catalogue.

This month leading specialist in the development and production of EMI /RFI filters and power quality solutions for automated and industrial machines, Enerdoor has released its new EMC catalogue which covers EMI Filters, RFI Filters, motor protection and harmonic filters. Enerdoor have specialised in the measurement analysis of EMC testing and CE certification since 1992, operating two fully equipped EMC mobile laboratories in Europe and two in North America.

Enerdoor’s New EMC Product Catalogue

The new catalogue highlights Enerdoor’s unique offering and range of services available to customers, from on-site compliance and safety testing to mobile on-site CE compliance and power analysis testing at one set fee with a guarantee to find a solution.

Download the new product catalogue here

Enerdoor’s testing services include: testing for EMC directive 2014/30/EU, CE and FCC tests, risk assessment and machinery directive review, power analysis and consulting to reduce energy costs and motor analysis and economical solutions to minimise motor failure.

Enerdoor remains committed to providing the highest quality solutions and outstanding service to both customers and sales channel partners. They have extensive knowledge in understanding noise and diagnosing the root causes of electrical noise, allowing Enerdoor to recommend optimum solutions for every project.

Enerdoor offers a broad range of specialist products, including: EMI filters, RFI filters, motor protection, harmonic filters, line reactors, surge arresters, voltage stabilisers and customised measurement solutions. Enerdoor products are CE approved with select series featuring UL approval for the US and Canadian markets, their transformers and ignition systems are also VDE approved.

Enerdoor brings decades of motor protection and electromagnetic compatibility experience with a track record of solving compatibility issues for companies all over the world.

GD Rectifiers has been an authorised distributor for The Enerdoor Group since 2017 and partners with the factory to offer customers cost effective solutions for the most challenging applications. GD Rectifiers is Enerdoor’s only UK distributor offering their extensive range of EMI Filters, RFI Filters, EMC Filters, DC Filters, Harmonic Filters, Motor Protection, Parallel Filters, Power Factor Correction, Surge Arresters and Voltage Stabilisers.

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