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Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies

Ocram provides a reliable range of Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies (also known as String Diodes). Ocram prides itself on satisfying customers needs by dimensionally customising their devices, to guarantee the most accurate and operational safety standards in pursuing a zero delay policy. 

These Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assembly modules are designed to assist designers and installers of photovoltaic systems in the assembly of blocking diodes on strings of photovoltaic panels.





These modules include three single-string diodes enclosed on an anodised heatsink. This module is designed for the protection of three photovoltaic strings with a shared cathode outlet, and is suitable for applications with mono-string inverter.

View the OCD3D1-20A Datasheet


These modules include three single-string diodes enclosed on an anodised heatsink, offering maximum configuration flexibility. These module are designed for the protection of three independent photovoltaic strings and are suitable for use in applications with a multiple string inverter. The module can be used in a configuration with the three diodes in parallel i.e. as a single-string diode with the capacity to carry a continuous current of 60A at 40°C with just 54W of dissipated power. In addition, it can be used with the three diodes in series for high-voltage applications at 3KV 20A.

View the OCD3D3-20A Datasheet


GD Rectifiers design and manufacture customised photovoltaic triple diode assemblies for customers.

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