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Bussmann's high voltage fuses start from 1000V. Their core high voltage fuse range starts from 3.6kV ('A' and 'W' range current limiting back-up fuse links) up to 36kV ('T' range current limiting back-up fuse links). 

Bussmann's high voltage fuse links feature a M-effect design to enhance performance. The M-effect design consists of applying overlay spots of special low melting alloy onto the fuse element strips. It ensures that the fuse link runs cooler in service and that the maximum temperature reached during fuse operation is kept down to 160°C, compared to 300-400°C for fuse links which do not employ this feature. 

The M-effect has been used across both the low voltage and high voltage fuse links of British designs for many years, providing a longer service life with many remaining inert for 30 years or more. M-effect fuse links are also safer than alternative designs - they provide better protection and last much longer.

Download Bussmann's Medium and High Voltage Fuse Brochure here.

Bussmann High Voltage Fuses by GD Rectifiers   

Each of the fuse types are listed below with the relevant catalogue page numbers. 

Motor Fuse Links

British Standard - 3.6kV (p25-26), 7.2kV (p27), 12kV (p28)  

DIN Rail - 3.6kV (p29), 7.2kV (p30)

USA - 5.5kV (p32) 


Medium Voltage and Auxiliary Transformer Fuse Links

Medium Voltage and Auxiliary Transformer - 3.6kV (p36), 5.5kV - Type E (p37), 7.2kV (p38), 12kV (p39), 15.5kV (p40), 17.5kV (p41), 24kV (p42), 36kV (p43)

Type CAV - 3.6kV (p44), 5.5kV (p45), 7.2kV (p46), 12kV (p47), 15.5kV (p48), 17.5kV (p49), 24kV (p50), 36kV (p51), 38kV (p52) 


Medium Voltage Oil Fuse Links

British Standard - 3.6kV (p55), 7.2kV (p56), 12kV (p57), 15.5kV (p58), 17.5kV (p59), 24kV (p60) 


Medium Voltage British Standard Air Fuse Links

British Standard - 3.6kV (p63), 7.2kV (p65), 12kV (p67), 15.5kV (p69), 24kV (p70), 36kV (p71), 72.5kV (p72) 


US Style E-Rated Medium Voltage Fuse Links

E-Rated DIN Fuse Links - 5.5kV - 38kV (p74)

E-Rated Fuse Links for Transformers and Feeder Protection - 5.5kV (p76), 8.25kV (p78), 15.5kV (p79)

E-Rated Fuse Links for Potential and Small Power Transformers - JCX, JCY, JCU, JCZ and JDZ (p81), JCDJCW, JCE, JCQ, JCI and JCT (p83), 5-38kV (p84)

CL-14 and Bolt-in - 5.5kV (p85), 8.3kV (p86), 15.5kV (p87)

R-Rated Fuse Links for Motor Circuit Protection - 2.4-7.2kV (p88), 17-38kV (p102)


Boric Acid Fuse Links

Boric Acid Fuse Links - 17-38kV (p98)

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Eaton Bussmann

Eaton Bussmann are a division of Cooper Industries and are a leading Manufacturer of Circuit Protection Solutions. They manufacture a wide range of Circuit Protection Fuses, Microswitches and Trip Indicators.

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