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Power Capacitors

  • AC Capacitors

    GD Rectifiers and API Capacitors work together to design and manufacture both standard and customised AC Capacitors with various current, voltage, size, mass and terminations. They provide long life and …

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  • Custom Designed Capacitors

    GD Rectifiers work closely with API Capacitors to offer customers a unique and tailored way of buying Power Capacitors. GD Rectifiers work directly with customers to design a capacitor that …

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  • DC Capacitors

    GD Rectifiers designs DC Capacitors and collaborates with API to manufacture them. They offer both standard and customised DC Capacitors for most applications.

    Typical applications include: Static and non static …

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  • Energy Storage Capacitors

    API Capacitors manufacture standard and customised Energy Storage Capacitors with varying current, voltage, size, mass and terminations. Elements are wound on the latest precision edge controlled automatic winding machines. High …

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  • IXYS UK Capacitors

    IXYS UK, also known as Westcode, offer a wide range of power capacitors to suit most applications from filtering and smoothing DC voltages to GTO/IGBT snubber circuits and medium frequency …

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  • Low Temperature Capacitors

    GD Rectifiers are one of the first distributors in the power electronics industry to design and distribute low and ultra low temperature capacitors. They work closely with API Capacitors to …

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  • Snubber Capacitors

    GD Rectifiers is the UK's leading distributor for API Capacitors, stocking their complete range of AC, DC, energy storage, low temperature, snubber and track circuit capacitors.

    API offer a wide …

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  • Track Circuit Capacitors

    API Capacitors offer a wide range of low frequency AC adjustable track circuit feed/relay end capacitors for jointless track circuits used in track-side signalling equipment.

    Resistors are incorporated in to …

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